Team SimEscape: Project Goal

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Team 3: SimEscape designed a head mounted display (HMD) simulation system that immerses a user in a virtual environment. The purpose of this design is to give an accurate representation of situations that are not feasible, safe, or otherwise realizable. This product can be used for training, designing, and learning in a safe and productive manner.

The goal of the project, creating an immersive environment, was achieved by designing as natural a human-machine interface as possible. This interface includes a stereoscopic three dimensional display array to be mounted to the user's head to give a realistic view of the environment. A head motion tracking system allows the user to control the view with natural motion.



Calvin College Engineering Senior Design Team 3 consists of four senior Electrical & Computer Concentration engineering students with interests in video processing, sensor tracking, data acquisition, and software development.



About Calvin College Engineering

Calvin's engineering program combines the foundation of a world-class liberal arts curriculum and adds the cutting-edge knowledge of technology in engineering.

About the Course

As a requirement for graduation from Calvin College's Engineering Program, all students go through a course titled Senior Design. The purpose of this course is to give senior engineering students an opportunity work on a design of their own. All students divide into groups of 3-5 depending on the size of the project they are working on. Throughout the course of their senior year, each group must come up with a design idea, develop an implementation plan, identify project requirements, come up with alternatives, make design decisions, and if possible, construct a prototype. Each group is answerable to one of Calvin's engineering professors, who provides the team with advice and accountability throughout the year. At the end of the year each group presents the results of their work to the Calvin community with a poster/demonstration session open house, and later to their family and friends with a formal presentation. Additionally, two reports are required for the class, one at the end of the semester. The first report, the Project Proposal and Feasibility Study (PPFS) is due at the end of the fall semester and gives an introduction of the project, current design plans, and the results of any tests that have been carried out. The Final Report, due at the end of the spring semester, is a complete report of the project and the work done throughout the year to finish it. This document is the PPFS submitted at the end of the fall semester.

Important Dates

May 5, 2012
-Senior Design Banquet
-Projects Night

December 9, 2011
-Completetion of Project Proposal and Feasibility Study

December 7, 2011
-Project Status Presentation, SB010