This project seeks to solve the problem of misplaced books in libraries. Librarians are constantly frustrated by misplaced books due to library patrons placing them back incorrectly onto the shelves. For example, in the Hekman Library of Calvin College, which has over 1.7 million texts as stated in The Chimes 16 September 2011 issue, any book placed incorrectly is most likely lost until the next shelf reading session, potentially a year later.

"The Librarian" is a robot that will be able to autonomously traverse the aisles of a library while scanning books to determine if they are in their expected locations. A report, in the form of a spreadsheet accessible to library employees at a circulation computer, will then be generated to communicate the results of the book indexing. The aim is to save library employees the daunting task of shelf reading and as a result enable a better allocation of resources within the library.