About Us

The team consists of, as pictured left to right in the above photo, Willem Both, Sarah Fennema, Derek Bandstra and Joe Westerbeke. All four members are of the Civil and Environmental Concentration.

Willem Both:

Willem is from Owen Sound, Ontario. Last Summer, Willem worked with Professor Sykes doing engineering research here at Calvin. Upon graduation from Calvin, Willem plans on attending the University of Barcelona and finding a job.

Willem Both has contacts in Haiti and elsewhere that he will be in constant conversation with to ensure correct design constraints and feasibility. He has also been working with Joe to create and test Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models for the proposed designs as well as keeping track of the team's budget. During the second semester, Willem will be focusing on the physical testing of the panels as well as making further progress in the development of the FEA model.

Sarah Fennema:

Sarah is from Brookfield, Wisconsin. Upon graduation from Calvin, Sarah currently plans on pursuing a Masters degree in Structural Engineering.

Sarah Fennema has been the head of research, looking for various material options and previous successful and unsuccessful designs. She also designed spreadsheets to calculate the design wind load and the seismic loading conditions. During the second semester, she will continue her work with the loading conditions, as well as designing the floor plans and roof framing systems for the design of the home. In addition to this, Sarah will be in charge of developing graphical representations of all aspects of the project as well as performing a basic vibrations analysis on the final home design.

Derek Bandstra:

Derek is from Terrace, British Columbia. He spent the previous summer doing an engineering internship for Johann Bunte GmbH in Magdeburg, Germany. Derek has recently accepted a job with Maple Reinders Inc.'s Calgary, Alberta, Canada office as a project coordinator beginning in July 2012.

In the first semester, Derek Bandstra was in charge of the business plan, transforming the design to a product or service that could be used by local entrepreneurs to implement this design across the country in a sustainable and economical way. In the second semester, Derek will be focused on the construction of panels, analyzing test results and developing calculations with Joe.

Joseph Westerbeke:

Joseph comes from Oostburg, Wisconsin. During the previous summer, Joe worked at the Christman Company doing construction management for a project downtown. Upon graduation from Calvin, Joseph plans on getting a job in the structural engineering field.

Joe Westerbeke is working with FEA because of previous knowledge in this area gained from taking a course in FEA. Using FEA, Joe has been modeling the existing building designs and the proposed building design on the computer and applying forces in the computer model to ensure the material will not fail. Joe has also served as the project manager, making sure all deadlines are met. During the second semester, Joe will continue his role as project manager and work with Willem on the physical testing of the panels as well as developing calculations with Derek.