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Luke Griffioen

Luke is a senior at Calvin College studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is also a 4-year member of the Calvin Swim team and is currently having his best season ever. He began writing software in high school on his TI-83+ calculator. He later expanded to desktops, writing in Java, and into mobile writing iOS apps. His skills have earned him a job at TechSmith Corporation in Okemos, MI and a position on team Return as a programmer for this library book sorting robot.

Chris Rozema

Chris Rozema grew up building and tinkering. Throughout his childhood Chris has enjoyed a continued hobby of design and construction from Legos and K'nex to RC planes, model rocketry, and eventually, robotics. Chris will be working at MFP Automation next year.

Theo Voss

Theo is a senior at Calvin College studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys reading, programming, playing games and sports, and watching TV. He also enjoys writing and has even been employed as a student writer at Calvin. Theo has accepted a job offer for after graduation at DornerWorks where he was an intern last summer.

Josh Vroegop

Josh Vroegop, is from Kalamazoo, MI and is a senior engineering major with a concentration in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He plans to find a job after school in an entry level position anywhere in the Midwest, primarily one that involves analog circuit design, work for a couple years, and possibly consider applying to graduate school for further education.

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