RCA Global Mission oversees much of the missionary development of parts of East Africa.  Because of an ever-growing population, there is a present and future need for growth in educational facilities, as well as safe housing for many communities.  The village of Alale, in western Kenya, is home to a small mission station run jointly by RCA Global Mission and the Africa Inland Church called the AIC Pokot Project.  At this mission there is currently a medical clinic, church, primary school, and an unfinished girls' secondary school and dormitory.  Leaders of this mission have expressed a desire for a boys' secondary school, a boys' dormitory, and drinking water storage.

Sifuni Mungu can be loosely translated from Swahili to “Praise God” or “Lord of All”.  It is a common phrase spoken by the people of Kenya and the surrounding area in worship settings.  Specifically, the inspiration for Team 9’s name came from the choral piece, O Sifuni Mungu (All Creatures of our God and King), by First Call, which was performed by the Calvin College Capella on their Spring 2010 tour.  The phrase applies to Calvin’s senior design program because Christians are called to praise the Lord in all situations and in everything they do.

To fulfill the needs of the AIC Pokot Project, Sifuni Mungu will develop a design of the boys’ secondary school, dormitory, and water management system.  The secondary school will initially have 4 teachers and about 100 students.  The dormitory will accommodate up to 100 students, with availability for an addition to house up to 200 students.  There is currently a 124-acre plot of land that is largely rural and rugged.  Neighboring cities and towns are available for commercialized products in the construction of this school.  The mission has also expressed a great need for the design of a water management system (including collection, filtration, storage, and wastewater treatment) for the complex using a clean water source.

Sifuni Mungu’s design of these facilities will incorporate the culture of the Kenyan people, the resources available, and methods and materials common to both the mission and the surrounding village.  Designs will be developed using information and suggestions acquired from staff at the mission and representatives from RCA Global Mission who are familiar with the AIC Pokot Project.



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