Team 6: Build Until Victory


The team has entered the IAT’s BUV 2011 Design Capstone competition and has obtained a 10 hp air-cooled diesel engine from Yanmar.  Calvin College’s previous BUV team’s project report has been obtained to consider and implement the previous design’s philosophies and approaches that worked well as well as to learn from the experience the previous team had in its design and competition.

The team is currently disassembling a 1987 Chevy S-10 truck that it bought for parts.  The group plans to use the rear axle, front and rear suspension, steering column, and brake system off of the truck.  Solidworks has been installed on the team’s workbench computer.  This will allow a 3D digital design of the BUV to be created and then simulated for various loads.  A business model for the creation of a factory in Africa that will output one BUV a day has been developed and is being revised.

The team is still attempting to acquire a non-automotive transmission for the BUV.  Drew is also working with a co-worker to borrow a laser scanner for the salvaged truck parts that will allow for direct 3D input into Solidworks.