Team 6: Build Until Victory


Team 6: Build Until Victory is comprised of four Mechanical engineering students designing a light-duty, multi-purpose truck to perform various farming operations. The team is working with the Institute of Affordable Transportation (IAT) to accomplish this task.


Africa needs low-cost, rugged vehicles to overcome the lack of infrastructure and improve the farming efficiency for the rural people. The IAT is sponsoring a competition for teams of engineering students to develop the best off-highway, multi-purpose truck for the rural African farming communities. The design and construction of this vehicle must be well-documented so that it can be built in small-scale factories in Africa.

Simplicity, cost-minimization, reliabiliy, and durability are the focus of the vehicle design. The simplicity of the BUV is accomplished by minimizing both the number of parts and complexity in the components. The target budget constraint for the competition is $1,500 (without the engine) in order to make the vehicle affordable. Reducing cost will be accomplished by using recycled parts from existing vehicles at the end of their life. Replacement parts and repairs are scarce and largely unaffordable; therefore it is critical that the BUV maintains its performance so that rural farmers' investment will be rewarded. Finally, the BUV needs to stand up to the various wear and tear that will occur due to the various environments and use by people who may not be properly trained.