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The SAE Supermileage competition requires teams to design and build the most fuel efficient single person vehicle possible within the given constraints. Every team is provided with the same 3.5 HP engine and a list of criteria for the vehicle. Some of the criteria include: safety measures, dimensions, electronics usage, shell materials, turning radius and acceleration and braking tests. Our team hopes to achieve at least 500 mpg on time and under budget. This will be challenging with our limited financial resources but we are confident that with support from the local community and Calvin College our vehicle will be competitive. We also desire that the lessons learned from car may be used by future Calvin students.

The competition itself has its own rules and guidelines that we will be sure to follow. For example, the vehicles minimum average speed must be 15 mph, while its maximum average speed must be 25 mph. Some other constraints include weight limit, size, necessary structural components such as a roll bar, and of course our limited budget. Our team wants to achieve a minimum of 500 mpg. The official rules can be found at this LINK.