Team Description

The HydroTower Team is comprised of a mixture between electrical and mechanical engineering concentrations. Electrical concentration members include Brenton Eelkema, Nathan Meyer and Brandon Vonk while the mechanical concentration members include Brian DeKock and Jacqueline Kirkman. HydroTower is an interdisciplinary project culminating electrical, mechanical, chemical and biological knowledge and design. The overall design project and learning experience is benefitted by the diversity of team members.

The Members

Brian DeKock

Brian DeKock grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and is pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys playing the guitar at church, after Bible study in his apartment and just for fun. When not working on homework, he enjoys getting to know residents in his apartment building. Brian currently has an internship with Temper in Rockford and is also seeking a full time position after graduation.

Brenton Eelkema

Brenton Eelkema is a senior at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan majoring in Engineering (Electrical). He is originally from Irvine, California. When not studying he can be found playing volleyball and reading history and economics books.

Jacqueline Kirkman

Jacqueline Kirkman was born on a cold, blustery November day in Toledo, Ohio. She will graduate in May 2011 with a BSE Mechanical Engineering concentration and a minor in International Relations. When not studying, Jacqueline enjoys spending time being ridiculous with friends and cheering on numerous sport teams while speaking in letter format (often times signing said letters with "Best Regards"). She has also spent much of her life playing fastpitch softball during the summer months. Since she is loyal to her beloved Ohio, during football season Jacqueline spends many Saturdays cheering for The Ohio State University. When neither observing nor participating in sporting events, Jacqueline enjoys discussing and debating politics, philosophy and life decisions. Jacqueline has interned at Westinghouse Electric Co in Pittsburgh, PA and has accepted a full time position with Cargill Meat Solutions which will commence upon commencement.

Nathan Meyer

Nathan Meyer grew up in Elmhurst, Illinois. He is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and is getting a minor in Physics. Nathan spends his free time playing disc golf and overclocking his computer. Always wanting to remain on the cutting edge, Nathan is a student member of IEEE and follows several tech blogs daily. Nathan currently has accepted a position with Tennant in Holland, MI where he will begin working full time after graduation.

Brandon Vonk

Brandon Vonk, originally hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is an Electrical Engineering Major with a Physics Minor at Calvin College. Apart from referring to himself in the third person such as in this paragraph, he spends most of his spare time in one of three places: 1) In the science building, mostly avoiding but eventually completing his homework, 2) in front of his computer watching movies and good TV shows, or 3) the local hair salon. Brandon also likes to spend time contemplating black holes, time travel, and overall about how physics makes the universe as exciting as crossing the border and taking the first sip of a Tim Hortons french vanilla for the first time in 5 months. He has been playing guitar for about eleven years, and can be seen in his natural habitat occupying space in your local coffee shop with vibrations and drum beats eminating from his acoustic guitar during the summers. Brandon has accepted a position at Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX as an Analog LEAP Applications Engineer.