Team Members

Laura Snyder


Laura Snyder is a senior chemical engineering student at Calvin College and will graduate in May 2011. She grew up in the Detroit Metropolitan area in the township of Canton. She has gained experience working for General Motors Components Holdings, LLC from June 2009 until December 2010 in the Materials Lab. She has learned how to effectively use various pieces of equipment, how to communicate with many different departments within the company, and how to critically think and analyze. In the engineering program at Calvin, Laura has taken classes pertaining to thermodynamics, fluid flow, separations, and reactor design. These classes included an integrated ethanol production design project from which she gained experience with the design process. She is excited to use these skills and knowledge in this forward-looking oxygen production design project.

Alex Verseput


Alex Verseput is a senior chemical engineering student, with high hopes of getting his doctorate. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, he relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan to pursue his education at Calvin. His studies have given him the ability to do basic design in heat exchange, reactors, separations, and fluid flow. These abilities have been proven in several iterations of an ethanol design project. His studies in the area of chemistry and biochemistry have also given him an understanding for chemical systems and principles. His eagerness to see things accomplished allows him to help the team in moving forward while still giving details the attention they require.

Brad Rekman


Brad Rekman is a chemical engineering major from Sarnia, Ontario. He is in his fourth and final year of his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. While at Calvin, Brad has taken a variety of classes related to chemical engineering including, thermodynamics, fluid flow and heat transfer, reactor design, and separation processes and principles. The variety of engineering topics that Brad has studied makes him capable of contributing to a project focused on the production of oxygen on the moon. Brad hit the senior year with a running start after working the summer for Bissell Homecare Inc. as an intern in the Chemical Packaging Department. While at Bissell, Brad gained valuable experience in the design process and what is required to take a product from an idea to the market.

Matt Slater


Matthew Slater, from Cadillac, Michigan, is a senior in Chemical Engineering at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. He has learned about thermodynamics, systems processing, optimization, and process feasibility in his years at school as well as cultured his fascination for space and the possibilities therein. Since January 2010, Matt has interned with Vertellus Specialties, Inc of Zeeland, MI tracking and optimizing a variety of chemical processes. His "out of the box" thinking brings a needed component to any design team, but especially to a project of this nature. He enjoys working on the oxygen extraction design with the team members and is looking forward to the end result. His other design project experience includes four installments of designing a process that synthesizes ethanol by catalytic, gas-phase hydration of ethylene.

Hannah Gerig


Hannah Gerig, from Lowell, Michigan, is a senior chemical engineering student at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Through her education she has learned much about process design through a four part design of an ethanol plant. In the summer of 2010, Hannah worked on a research project that helped her to get a more in depth look at what it takes to design experiments and a first-hand experience of all the things that can go wrong. The practical one of the group, she is usually the first to point out the problems with certain assumptions or ideas. Hannah is excited to be working on this project and is very interested to see how it will turn out.