Green Gold's Mission

A process will be developed for the production of biodiesel. This process will develop in three primary stages. First, design of the photobioreactor network necessary to obtain the biomass using a nutrient feed, a CO2 flue gas based feed stream, and a light source. This work will include lab work developing the kinetics and product composition of the chosen algae strain for determination of optimal reaction conditions. Second, the process for the conversion of the oils in the biomass to biodiesel and glycerol via an acid catalyzed transesterification with light alcohols will be designed. Finally, a separation system will be designed for the purification of these products to obtain commercially viable products.

Carbon Capture

Carbon emissions from flue gases in the production of energy and chemicals is becoming an increasing concern in industry. Our photobioreactors hope to mitigate this issue.

Biodiesel Production

Algal biomass from our photobioreactors will be processed into a road grade biodiesel.

In Service to Society

Our design team is concerned about and committed to the proper use and stewardship of the earth's resources.