Pilot Plant Construction

A tubular reactor is more desirable than a standard vessel as it provides the algae with greater accessibility to light. Wrapping these tubes in a helical fashion keeps air pockets from forming within these tubes and allows for all 300 feet to have access to a single light source. The below vessel is where carbon dioxide is introduced into the algae/growth medium mixture for use in photosynthesis. A sparger is positioned at the bottom of this vessel to increase the surface area of contact between the CO2 bubbles and the solution. This maximizes the amount of CO2 that will dissolve in the solution, decreasing waste and increasing the rate of algae growth.

Algae Kinetics Study

An algae kinetics study is underway to determine the factors that affect how quickly the algae grows. Most importantly these studies will attempt to determine the growth rate of the algae at ideal conditions. This will allow for accurate scale up which is one of the most important issues in designing a process.

Process Design

The primary aspect of Green Gold's green biodiesel project is the development of a feasible process for its production. Currently, a base case design is being inputted into the process simulator suite UNISIM. By utilizing this suite, Green Gold hopes to be able to quickly optimize the base case design in the future. The current process flow diagram can be inspected here.