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Amanda Hayes will be graduating from Calvin in the spring with a degree in engineering and a concentration in the civil and environmental discipline. She spent last summer in Atlanta working for the EPA, and the summer before doing engineering research at Calvin. She grew up in suburban Pittsburgh, but hopes to spend the rest of her life in the developing world or inner city, whether doing engineering work, ministry, teaching, or anything else that God decides. Currently, She is applying to graduate schools with Peace Corps partnerships, considering inner-city teaching with Memphis Teacher Residency, and looking for an organization and funds to go to Cambodia.

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Amanda Hayes
Anna Groendyk
Josh Uitvlugt

Josh Uitvlugt is a Grand Rapids resident who will graduate this coming spring with a degree in engineering, civil and environmental concentration. He is also an artist who owns and operates his own web-comic site: "Just Add Water",which he continues to update regularly. After graduation, Josh hopes to pursue a career in engineering and design.

Anna Groendyk is a senior from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  At Calvin, Anna is pursuing a Bachelor Degree of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Last summer she had an internship under the City Engineer with the City of St. Joseph, Michigan.  After graduation Anna plans on pursuing a career in engineering.