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Anna Groendyk
Josh Uitvlugt

The nation of Cambodia is slowly developing into a stable and prosperous part of the global community. Because of the total devastation of the nation's political, educational, and healthcare systems in recent history, much of the remaining population is young and poorly educated. The Genesis Community of Transformation (GCT) was created as a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by Navy Chann and Ly Chhay to help educate and improve the lives of Cambodian Citizens. GCT is currently renting office space, but they would like to construct their own building to serve as a new base of operations.

The Khmer Genesis project focuses on the design of a multi-story building with space for offices, condominiums, hotel-style rooms, and meeting space. Through this project, Team 11 will utilize culturally appropriate materials and construction practices, provide clear and usable feedback to GCT, and design a structure that can be trusted to stand the test of time. The final product delivered to GCT will include structural, architectural, and promotional drawings of the building, as well as a proposed general layout of the developed site and basic suggestions for managing waste and drinking water.

















After two full semesters of challenging design work, we have finally finished our project. You can look at the Final Report here, or go to the Resources page for more information.

Our team is one of many senior design teams from the Calvin College Engineering Department. Visit Calvin College Senior Design to learn more about the projects of other groups.

Amanda Hayes