Team 10 Overview

Carving through Michigan's Kent, Ionia, and Berry Counties, the Coldwater River is a major river system that is home to some of the largest trout populations in the state. Tyler Creek, tributary to the Coldwater River, has become polluted with E. coli bacteria and nutrients that likely came from agricultural waste and home septic systems. The contamination is harming aquatic life and human recreational activities. Tyler Creek Restoration has designed a waste management solution for the local farming community that will prevent further pollution of Tyler Creek. The solution consists of a short term plan, Don't Runoff With It, and a long term plan, Dairy Digest.

The short term solution makes use of agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to improve the hydrological elements of the Tyler Creek watershed. This includes restoring wetlands, installing a buffer/filter strip, and planting trees to slow or block the flow of contaminated runoff into Tyler Creek.

The long term solution is designing a complete mix anaerobic digester system for a farm of 3000 head of cattle. An anaerobic digester uses bacteria to break down livestock waste, producing biogas and a solid-liquid effluent. Biogas is rich in methane and can be used to produce heat and electricity. Dried digested sludge can be used as bedding for the farm animals.

Finally, Team 10 has demonstrated the long term digester design with a working pilot digester. The pilot digester was created using a pressure cooker and is mixed with a rotisserie motor connected to baffles. A biogas collection apparatus measures the volume of biogas produced. Biogas testing shows that the pilot digester is working properly.

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Jake Redeker

Jake Redeker was born and raised in the small rural town of Randolph, Wisconsin. Currently a senior at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in the Civil/Environmental Engineering program. Through his past various work experience, it has made him a hard working individual who takes pride in his work. This past summer, he worked as an engineering intern at MSA Professional Services in Baraboo, Wisconsin. His work experience included performing land surveying services, topographic mapping, construction observation, sanitary sewer evaluation surveys, and some drafting work. He has also had extensive experience as a drill rig operator's assistant working five summers for Sam's Well Drilling. His work experience included helping in the drilling process for residential, commercial, and irrigation wells, helped in drilling and installing geothermal looping, and also aided in installing, testing, and dissembling different pumps. After graduation, he will start his full time position at Braun Intertec in Waukesha Wisconsin as a geotechnical engineer.

Leah Morrison

Leah Morrison grew up in the small town of Chelsea, Michigan. After high school she attended Calvin College to pursue a career in engineering. Currently she is in the civil/environmental engineering program focusing on Structural Engineering. She had a summer internship at NTH Consultants working under a structural engineer. Leah also played on the Varsity Basketball team for Calvin and was named a captain of the 2010-2011 season. She plans to finish her degree in May of 2011 and start a full time position at NTH Consultants in Grand Rapids as a staff engineer.

Rhiana Cok

Rhiana Cok grew up on a small dairy farm near Bozeman, Montana. Studying engineering with a civil and environmental concentration at Calvin College, Rhiana learned about factors that harm human health and the environment. When she joined the Calvin College Renewable Energy Organization (REO) as a sophomore, Rhiana gained experience on world energy issues. Rhiana's career interests more fully coincided with her environmental passions during her junior and senior years. She conducted drinking water research at Calvin College under David B. Wunder and worked as an intern for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With plans to graduate with honors in May, Rhiana will be joining the air quality group at NTH Consultants in Grand Rapids. She is getting married in July to Jason Dornbos.

Zach Lanting

Born on February 17, 1989, Zach Lanting spent most of his childhood living in Northwest Indiana. After graduating from high school at Illiana Christian, Lansing, IL, he attended Calvin College studying civil/environmental engineering. He was Calvin's Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) treasurer for a year. His previous work experience involves cutting concrete at Northwest Indiana Concrete Cutting and interning at Moore & Bruggink, Consulting Engineers Inc. Currently, he is finishing his last year at Calvin College and plans to find a job focused in water resource management and/or environmental engineering in the Chicago land area.