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Standard electric meters were developed decades ago and are still used today, despite many technological advances in the last several years. Along with these technological advances, Americans have become accustomed to having access to large amounts of data, but due to the nature of the standard electric meter, data regarding the usage of power is severely limited. For the power companies, data from the meters is minimal and grid control is limited to manual operation, costing them time and money.

As the cost of electricity becomes higher and higher, electricity use in buildings is becoming a bigger concern and people have few cheap or simple ways to monitor this. Of the options available, most only address part of the whole problem, giving some information to the consumer and none to the power company or vice-versa. While there are devices such as breakers and fuses that provide electrical safety for buildings, advances in technology have made it possible to further improve safety but have not been implemented in a cost-effective way or made easily available to an average consumer, which for the purpose of this project shall be defined as a person without a mathematical or scientific education beyond high-school.




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power information collection architecture
Amy Ball (EE), Kendrick Wiersma (EE), Nate Jen (EE), Avery Sterk (EE)

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