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Publications: Writings in Christian Education

Many of the foundational writings from earlier years in Reformed Christian Education were published as part of the Calvin College Monograph Series, publications from the National Union of Christian Schools and in the Christian Educator's Journal. Unfortunately, these documents have gone out of print.  The Education Department is pleased to make some of these writings available on the Internet.  Each of these articles can be downloaded in PDF format and viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Christian Educators Journal, April 1971
Bonus Issue: Writing About Christian Education
  Attempted Better Creeds D. Oppewal  
  Confessing Christ in Education J. Olthuis and B. Zylstra  
  The School System and the Bible D. Oppewal  
  Needed: An Educational Creed D. Oppewal  
  First Order Issues in Christian Philosophy of Education N.H. Beversluis  
  This We Believe J. VanderArk  
  Principles of Christian Education    
What School For Our Children E. Heerema PDF
Contrasting Christian Approaches to Teaching the Sciences R. Maatman and G. Bakker PDF
Christian Education Through Religious Studies D. Hoekstra PDF
Shifts in Curricular Theory for Christian Education P. DeBoer PDF
The Roots of the Calvinistic Day School Movement D. Oppewal PDF
A Christian Perspective on the Teaching of Reading B. Bosma and K. Blok PDF
Christian Education: Tradition or Conviction? L. Flokstra PDF
Toward A Philosophy of Christian Education J. DeBeer and C Jaarsma PDF
Contrasting Christian Approaches to Teaching Literature M. Meeter and S. Wiersma PDF
Curriculum: Implementation in Three Christian Schools H. Van Brummelen PDF
Toward A Theology of Education N. H. Beversluis PDF
A Christian Theory of the Person C. Jaarsma PDF
Biblical Knowing and Teaching D. Oppewal PDF

Books available online:

A Vision with a Task edited by Gloria Goris Stronks and Doug Blomberg.

The Christian Middle School: An Ethos For Caring by Gloria Goris Stronks.

If you have any questions about these documents, please contact Dr. Robert Keeley at

Note: The endnotes for these papers are not included in the web version.
To see the endnotes, check the pdf version