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AILACTE Scholar Award

Dr. John Walcott recently won the Scholar Award from the Association of Liberal Arts Colleges of Teacher Education (AILACTE). Once a year, the AILACTE gives out one Scholar Award to a faculty member who is in his/her first five years of appointment at an AILACTE member institution. This monetary award is given to the recipient to support a research project related to the impact of teacher education. To be considered for the award, applicants are required to submit a research proposal along with letters of support from colleagues. In addition, applicants must commit to presenting the results of their research at an AILACTE meeting and to submitting the research as an article to an appropriate journal.

Walcott’s proposal outlined a research project designed to increase understanding of the role of AILACTE member institutions in preparing teachers for work in urban schools. Given the unique challenges and opportunities that often exist in urban communities and the current focus on improving the quality of education in urban schools, it is important that educators understand the ways in which liberal arts colleges are working to prepare teachers for work in urban schools. Walcott’s research project will involve three components: a review of current literature regarding the preparation of teachers for work in urban schools; an investigation—including a survey and a review of program documents—of AILACTE member institutions to determine the extent to which they are involved in preparing teachers for work in urban schools; and interviews with a sample of faculty members who are actively involved in urban-focused teacher preparation.

The Award was officially presented to Walcott at the AILACTE annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on the weekend of February 28, 2013. The results from Walcott’s research project will be presented at the 2014 AILACTE meeting.