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Mentor Teacher Resources

Welcome to the team!

Thank you so much for your willingness to enter into this important relationship with us as we work to mentor a new teacher. You have been selected to work with a Calvin College teacher intern because you are a well-qualified member of the teaching profession. By accepting the responsibility for working with a teacher intern, you are assisting us in accomplishing our program vision, “Developing Responsive and Transformative Educators.” We are grateful that you are willing to provide opportunities for our students to meet these goals. We hope that you will find helpful strategies for that endeavor on this website.  We encourage you to review the content carefully prior to your intern’s arrival.

We are eager to serve you and the teacher intern.  Please contact any one of the people listed in the Resources section of this website if you have questions or concerns related to the student teaching internship or the teacher education program at Calvin College. We look forward to working as partners to develop excellent future educators.

Overview of the Student Teaching Internship

The Student Teaching Internship - Schedule

Orientation of the Teacher Intern

The Teacher Intern in the Classroom

Planning Expectations for the Teacher Intern

Communicating with Your Teacher Intern

Communication with the College Supervisor

Evaluation of the Teacher Intern

Time Record for the Student Teaching Internship

Substitute Teaching Policy

Resources and Contacts