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Student Teaching Internship

Student Teaching

The semester long internship of student teaching is the culminating experience in the prospective teacher’s preparation, and occurs in a school setting under the supervision of a college faculty member and mentoring classroom teacher.  It is an intense, in-depth experience during which the teacher intern integrates theory and practice under the guidance of a master teacher.

The Education Program at Calvin College is based on the belief that all teachers should be responsive and transformative educators. The student teaching semester provides an opportunity for students to integrate and expand on what they have learned in the program prior to this experience, and to demonstrate their competence in achieving the program goals. Individual conferences, seminars, and assignments are designed to help students reflect on their experiences and assess their own progress throughout the semester.

Mentor Teachers - please visit the Mentor Teacher Resources page

Information for Teacher Interns:

Expectations for Calvin College Teacher Candidates

Eligibility and Application Process for Student Teaching Internship

Placement of Teacher Interns

Calendar and Schedule Information for Student Teaching Internship

Fees and Transportation Subsidy

Responsibilities of the Teacher Intern

Professional Requirements of the Teacher Intern

Policies and Legal Considerations

Evaluating the Teacher Intern and Internship Semester

Accommodations and/or Additional Support

Resources and Contact Information



Fall & Spring Semester: Elementary Education

Fall Only: Secondary Math, Sciences, Physical Education

Spring Only: Special Education
Secondary: Art, English, World Languages, Music, History, Social Studies


Contact Gwen Buteyn in the Education Department: