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Secondary Education: Majors and Minors

Secondary education students must choose a 6-12 or K-12 major and a minor. Discuss your options with the appropriate major/minor advisors listed below.

Students who major in art, Chinese, music, physical education, French, or Spanish have the option of getting a "K-12 Endorsement" on their secondary teaching certificates. If you intend to teach in one of these content areas, it is to your advantage to get the K-12 Endorsement to allow you more job flexibility.

Secondary candidates may select non-certifiable minors (any minor offered at Calvin) with the understanding that the non-certifiable minor will not be listed on the Michigan teaching certificate.

If you choose to complete two majors, discuss these guidelines with advisors from both major departments.

As soon as you have chosen your major and minor, meet with the appropriate advisor (listed below) to complete a Declaration of Major and/or Minor Program Form. Make a copy of this form for your records and return it to Academic Services. That office will create your Academic Evaluation Report (AER) listing all courses you need to take to complete the Teacher Education Program.

Planning Your Program


Find out what you are certified to teach with your major or minor.