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Secondary Education: Professional Education Courses

Required Course Hours Notes
EDUC 102 Introduction to Education 1  
EDUC 202 The Learner in the Educational Context: Development and Diversity 3 Prerequisite: EDUC 102. Fulfills Persons in Community Core.
EDUC 302 and EDUC 303 Curriculum and Instruction for Diverse Learners and Practicum 7 Prerequisites: EDUC 102, EDUC 202, must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
EDUC 307 Reading/Literacy in the Content Area 3 Prerequisites: EDUC 302-303.
EDUC 398 Integrative Seminar: Intellectual Foundations of Education 3 Prerequisites: EDUC 302-303, junior or senior standing. May be taken after student teaching. Fulfills Integrative Studies Core.
EDUC 346 Directed Teaching: Secondary and Departmental 359 Seminar 15 Must fulfill all requirements for student teaching. Apply by Dec. 1 of the year prior to the academic year (fall or spring) in which candidate plans to student teach.
Total Hours: 32