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Elementary Education: Required Core Courses

Core courses are intended to help you think more deeply and critically, using the tools of the various disciplines, with the mind and heart of Christ, about the wide range of issues which confront us in today's world. Core courses help you prepare for the variety of roles you will fill beside that of teacher -- citizen, spouse, parent, church member, etc. and solve the problems about which Christians ought to be concerned. The core is elevant to your preparation as a teacher as well, because it will enable you to make instructional decisions with discernment.

Note: Elementary candidates also complete major/minor courses and Education courses.

Core Category Required Course Hours Notes
Developing a Christian Mind IDIS 150 Developing a Christian Mind 3 Offered during Interim
First Year Seminar IDIS 149 First Year Seminar 1  
Written Rhetoric ENGL 101 or 100/102 Written Rhetoric 3  
IDIS 110 Foundations of Information Technology (or any other Information Technology core course) 1 Exemption exam available.
Rhetoric in Culture CAS 214 Creating Communication Arts in the Classroom 3  
Personal Fitness One from PER 101-112 1  
Leisure and Lifetime PER 150 Educational Dance or Elementary Dance Interim 1  
Sport, Dance, and
KIN 223 Movement and Health Education in the Elementary Classroom 3  
Foreign Language Choose any Foreign Language core course; see AER or catalog for options. 0-8 Exemption possible for four years of high school foreign language.
History of the West and the World HIST 151 or 152 History of the West and the World 4  
Philosophical Foundations PHIL 153 Fundamental Questions in Philosophy 3  
Biblical/Theological Foundations 1 REL 121 Biblical Literature and Theology or REL 131 Christian Theology 3  
Biblical/Theological Foundations 2 Not required for elementary Education. 0  
Persons in Community EDUC 202 The Learner in the Educational Context: Development and Diversity - Also included in Elementary Education major.
Societal Structures in North America IDIS 205 Societal Structures and Education as a Social Enterprise 3  
Literature Not required for elementary Education. 0  
Global and Historical Studies Not required for elementary Education. 0  
Arts EDUC 210 Music and Art in the Elementary Classroom 3 Prerequisite: EDUC 102 or concurrent enrollment in EDUC 102
Mathematics MATH 221 The Real Number System and Methods for Elementary Teachers 4 Prerequisite: EDUC 102
Pysical and Living World SCES 121 The Content and Nature of Science for Elementary Teachers 4 High school science
exemption possible.
PE/Health majors or minors
should take BIOL 115.
Physical and Living World SCES 122 Science Content and Skills for Elementary Teachers 4
Combination of IDIS 205, EDUC 322, and EDUC 398 - Also included in Elementary Education major.
Integrative Studies EDUC 398 Integrative Seminar: Intellectual
Foundations of Education
- Also included in Elementary Education major.
Total Hours: 44-52