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Teacher Intern Self Evaluation Forms

Teacher interns: please complete the appropriate form below:

Elementary Evaluation Form - for candidates completing the K-8 Elementary Program

Secondary Evaluation Form - for candidates completing the 6-12 Secondary Program or K-12 Art, Music, PE, Spanish, French

Early Childhood Evaluation Form - for candidates completing Preschool student teaching placements

Special Education Evaluation Form - for candidates completing the Special Education student teaching placement.

The Midterm and Final Evaluations are online. Responses and comments will be automatically submitted to Calvin's Education Department.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser if you would like to print your evaluation.

Note that all required items (indicated by red stars) must be entered before you can submit the evaluation. If you are not ready to complete the entire evaluation in one sitting, you may print the blank evaluation form and/or save your thoughts in a Word document until you are ready to proceed.

Click "Submit," click "Edit your response," and then save the entire web address as a favorite, a bookmark, or paste the address into a Word document (copy the long address into TinyURL to create a shorter link if you like, using your name as the custom alias). By visiting that web address, you will be able to make changes to the evaluation until the end of the semester and print a paper copy for discussion with your supervisor. It is your responsibility to print the form for discussion with your supervisor. As another option, you may try "File - Print - PDF Writer" or "File - Save Page As - PDF," and then email the pdf to your supervisor.

When you are completely finished with the evaluation, check one of the last boxes which indicates that you will not be making any additional changes to the Midterm or Final Evaluation (when you are ready to complete the Final evaluation, you may use the link for your Midterm and change the evaluation type to "Final Evaluation").

Contact Shari Brouwer with questions about the online Evaluation Form:
(616) 526-6208

Contact Gwen Buteyn with questions about the student teaching semester:
(616) 526-6206