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Wisconsin will accept the MTTC Basic Skills or Professional Readiness Exam. The MTTC subject tests are not accepted. Contact the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to determine which Praxis tests will be required. The actual Michigan certificate is not required.

All Wisconsin testing requirements will have to be met in order for licenses to be issued. We will no longer be issuing one year licenses to applicants from other states while Wisconsin testing requirements are being met. Information on the out-of-state application process and on Wisconsin testing dates, locations and requirements is available on our website .

Calvin alumni also report being required to complete a conflict resolution course and a human relations course covering the Wisconsin Native American tribes. These courses may be available online. Calvin's certification officer can prepare a letter explaining that EDUC 202 addresses the minority group relations requirement. Calvin's program does not meet Wisconsin's specific conflict resolution requirements or the American Indians in Wisconsin human relations requirement.

Update: Wisconsin may now require the edTPA for certification. We are investigating if this will apply to Michigan-certified teachers or not. You may wish to request the Chicago semester for your internship, because this semester includes the edTPA assesssment which you may need for Wisconsin.

Disclaimer: States may change their teacher certification rules at any time. Therefore, contact the staff at the website below to obtain the most up-to-date information.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Website

Contact the Teacher Certification Office at (616) 526-6208 or