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Choose majors and minors which are certifable in Pennsylvania. For example, secondary candidates interested in teaching history should complete the social studies major.

Elementary candidates will apply for the Grades PK-4 certificate and take the PreK-4 Assessment.

The Pennsylvania special education certificate required courses in teaching students with physical disabilities and severe emotional impairments. Calvin courses may not be accepted to meet this requirement, so special education candidates may need to take additional courses in these areas. Apply for the SPED PK-8 certificate and the PK-4 elementary certificate. You will need to pass the Special Ed PK-8 assessment.

Pennsylvania requires additional tests:

Send form PDE 338A to Shari Brouwer in the Education Department.

Disclaimer: States may change their teacher certification rules at any time. Therefore, contact the staff at the website below to obtain the most up-to-date information.

Contact person for questions -
Eileen Bink | Certification Specialist
Phone: (717) 728-3224 | Fax: (717) 783-6736

Pennsylvania Department of Education Website


Contact the Teacher Certification Office at (616) 526-6208 or