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Private schools may accept the Michigan certificate. When offered a position, ask if the Minnesota license will be required.

Elementary teachers may need to take an additional course about human relations and Native Americans in Minnesota.

You may need to have documented student teaching experience in each major and minor subject area that you wish to be certified to teach.

Middle level certification requires at least four weeks of middle school student teaching and middle level methods courses for each subject.

All applicants for a Minnesota initial teaching license must take and pass the Minnesota Basic Skills test in order to receive a teaching license. You may take this test before you graduate from Calvin. Out-of-state applicants for a Minnesota teaching license should submit passing scores for the MTTC Basic Skills or Professional Readiness Exam as part of the licensure application if you completed those tests.

Additional subject area state tests may also be required. A temporary license is available so that you may begin teaching while you take care of these additional requirements (the Basic Skills tests must be passed in order to obtain the temporary license).

Update: Minnesota may now require the edTPA for certification. We are investigating if this will apply to Michigan-certified teachers or not. You may wish to request the Chicago semester for your internship, because this semester includes the edTPA assesssment which you may need for Minnesota.

Disclaimer: States may change their teacher certification rules at any time. Therefore, contact the staff at the website below to obtain the most up-to-date information.

Calvin grad Meghan is available if you would like to hear about her experience getting certified in Minnesota -

Minnesota Department of Education

Contact the Teacher Certification Office at (616) 526-6208 or