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Illinois requires a copy of your actual, valid Michigan certificate (not expired). They will not accept a letter from Calvin as proof of eligibility for certification.

Elementary candidates who know in advance that they hope to teach in IL should consider the Chicago Semester for student teaching. This will allow you to meet Illinois' new edTPA assessment and some testing requirements during that semester. After September 2015, the edTPA will need to be sent to Pearson for evaluation. Secondary candidates can also check if there are any student teaching options available in IL.

Complete these forms:

73-05 and 73-06 (send to Calvin's Education Department)

Apply online through the ELIS system - apply for the Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) with the Provisional Educator Endorsement.
You will be able to begin teaching and then will need to meet additonal requirements by the provided deadline in order to obtain the Professional Educator License (PEL). If you cannot obtain the PEL by September 2015, you will need to complete an edTPA assessment and pay $300 to have it assessed by Pearson. 

Send forms 73-03C and 73-63 to to the Regional Superintendent of Schools in the county in which you plan to teach or reside:
Directory of Regional Offices of Education

After you apply, you will receive a letter listing any additional tests that will be required through the Illinois Certification Testing System (Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) and content tests). You will need to pass the tests by the deadline included in the letter. Note: you may be able to submit certain ACT or SAT scores in place of the TAP test.

Additional Requirements:

IL requires one course addressing cross-categorical special education methods. EDUC 312 Teaching Exceptional Students at Calvin is highly recommended for anyone interested in teaching in Illinois (regardless of which majors/minors you select). Keep the syllabus for this course in your records.

IL requires one course addressing ESL/bilingual methods. IDIS 301 Introduction to Bilingual and ESL Education at Calvin is highly recommended for anyone interested in teaching in Illinois (regardless of which majors/minors you select). Keep the syllabus for this course in your records.

Illinois may require additional courses before your majors/minors may be taught at the middle school level ("Developmental Characteristics of Young Adolescents" and "Teaching in Middle School" - these courses are not offered at Calvin but may be taken in IL).

For secondary teachers, EDUC 307 is accepted as the reading in the content area course, but IL also requires a second course on reading methods.

Additional courses may be required to teach minor subjects, such as health. Take as many 300-level courses as possible in your minor. Elementary candidates interested in teaching middle school should complete one major instead of two minors.

For the bilingual Spanish endorsement, up to three additional courses may be required.

For special education certification, Illinois requires 32 semester hours of special education coursework (not including student teaching, psychology, and biology courses).

Licensure Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a Calvin grad who is willing to assist other Calvin grads interested in teaching in IL - contact .

Disclaimer: States may change their teacher certification rules at any time. Therefore, contact the staff at the website below to obtain the most up-to-date information.

Illinois State Board of Education Website


Contact the Teacher Certification Office at (616) 526-6208 or