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Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC)

The MTTC Professional Readiness Exam and Subject Area tests are offered on Calvin's campus four times each year. These tests are meant to ensure that each certified teacher has the necessary basic skills and subject area knowledge to serve in Michigan's schools. These tests are designed and implemented by the Michigan Department of Education.

Save all official MTTC score reports in a safe place because you may need them for employment or teacher certification in other states. If you need new score reports, additional copies may be ordered using these instructions.

2015-2016 MTTC Registration Information

Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Competency

TEST PREP WORKSHOP - All Calvin students are invited to a free test prep workshop which will provide information and strategies related to the ACT and PRE tests. The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 4:30-6pm, Commons 302 Knollcrest room (upstairs near Uppercrust Dining). Register online.

Before students are admitted to Calvin's Professional Education Program, they must demonstrate competency in reading, mathematics, and writing. These tests are typically passed during a student's first or second year at Calvin. They must be passed before a student is permitted to take 300-level education courses such as EDUC 302 and 303. Students may retake section(s) that they fail as many times as necessary. Students who were very close to passing may be eligible to appeal to begin EDUC 302-303.

Candidates who had permission to enroll in EDUC 302-303 without meeting all three competencies must meet with their advisors and write a plan to prepare for the next ACT or PRE. For these candidates only, all three competencies must be met at least one month prior to the beginning of their teacher internship semester.

The following methods may be used to demonstrate competency in each area:

Reading Pass PRE Reading 22 1108
Mathematics Pass PRE Mathematics 22 1116
Writing Pass PRE Writing *See note below* 1129

PLEASE NOTE: The Michigan Department of Education is not currently accepting ACT writing scores taken after September 1, 2015. Michigan Department of Education staff are working to determine if ACT Writing scores earned after September 1 may be used for teacher certification purposes. They have promised a decision by November, 2015. If you need a writing test, the Professional Readiness Exam is the only option at this time. If you only need reading and/or mathematics tests, then you may choose either the ACT or PRE.
ACT English+Writing scores of 24 or higher earned prior to September 1, 2015 may be used to meet the writing test requirement. Candidates may also combine old ACT writing scores with new ACT English scores to reach the required combined score of 24.  Candidates who had attempted ACT writing before September 1, 2015 could try ACT English again with the goal of improving the English score. 

PRE is the MTTC Professional Readiness Exam.
The ACT is taken by many students prior to admission to college.
MME is the Michigan Merit Exam, taken by Michigan high school students.
Click each test name above for details about test registration, etc.

Any combination of PRE, ACT, and MME scores taken after 1988 may be used to verify competency.
SAT scores cannot currently be used.

Students who have not attempted the ACT or did not obtain the minimum ACT score listed above may either take (or re-take) the ACT, or register for the PRE.

Subject Area Tests

In order to be certified, students must pass the MTTC subject area tests that correspond to the major and minor field(s) of study. These tests should not be taken until the final year of the program, but it is highly recommended that students pass their MTTC subject area test(s) before student teaching.

  • Find out which subject tests you need to take
  • Subject area test scores are valid for five years from the date of testing (students need to be recommended for certification within those five years).
  • Register at or by mail using the booklet available in the Education Department office.
  • The fee for each subject test is $74.
  • During the registration process, be sure to identify yourself as a Calvin student and also request that your scores be sent to Calvin.
  • Be careful to enter an accurate social security number - it is a huge inconvenience if you enter an incorrect number. Canadians: please register using your U.S. social security number - not your Canadian social insurance number.
  • Candidates with diagnosed disabilities may register for alternative testing arrangements.
  • Be sure to review the appropriate study guides. Study guide booklets are also available at the Hekman Library Reserve Desk on the second floor and can be checked out for one day. Depending on your subject area, you may find helpful practice problems at or 240Tutoring.
  • The tests are completed in Hiemenga Hall.
  • MTTC frequently asked questions

Elementary Education Students

Students seeking elementary certification must also take the Elementary Education MTTC test. When registering for the Elementary Education test, report elementary education as a "major." The new Elementary Education test is quite challenging with only three out of four candidates statewide able to pass it on the first try, so take the time to review the online study guide and test objectives. Spend extra time studying for these subareas, which have lower pass rates:

  • 2. Social Studies
  • 3. Visual and Performing Arts
  • 6. Health and Physical Education.

Special Education Program Students

Complete the Cognitive Impairment test (#56) after EDUC 310 and the Elementary Education test (#103).

Candidates interested in teaching grades 9-12 special education in a Michigan public school may need to take additional MTTC tests later in consultation with the hiring school (mathematics, integrated science and/or language arts).

If you have questions, contact Calvin's Teacher Certification Office at (616) 526-6208 or