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About Us: Faculty

Johanna KuyvenhovenJohanna Kuyvenhoven

Professor of Education
391 Spoelhof Center

Weekly Schedule
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Educational Background

  • M.A., Trent, 1995
  • Ph.D, British Columbia, 2005

Research Interests

Publications, Presentations, and Professional Services

  • Tell Us a Story: Using Stories to Teach Reading (3rd ed.) (Freetown, Sierra Leone: IRC, 2013).
  • "Storytelling is Teaching," Christian School Teacher's Conference. Freemont Christian Elementary School, Freemont, Michican. 02/15/2013
  • "Challenges to Effective Teaching of Reading in Sierra Leone Schools: Making Meaning of the Assessment," Comparative International Education Studies. Hilton Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana. 03/13/2013
  • Literacy Consultant to International Rescue Committee (IRC). Literacy (teaching of reading) program design that responds to post-assessment findings of children's performance after one year of intervention. Training of trainers, design of syllabus and teaching/learning materials for primary school teacher training. Advising for further programming. Kenema District, Sierra Leone.
  • Presentation: April 30, 2009. Youth Writing Festival, Calvin College for visiting Teachers “Storytelling in School?”
  • July 28-30, Facilitation of Three Teacher Training Workshops for primary school teachers; in collaboration with CAUSE Canada, Kabala: June 9-13; with Christian Extension Services (CES), Yiraia, June 16-21; Milton Margai College of Education (MMCET) Yele: June 23 -28.
  • In the Presence of Each Other: A Pedagogy of Storytelling. 2009. University of Toronto Press.
  • Teaching Reading, Teaching Writing A Teacher Training Workshop Workbook For Educators Interested in The Teaching of Early Literacy Skills (in English). 2008. Dell Sawyerr Publications, Sierra Leone. (1000 copies)
  • The Crocodile’s Reward: A Kuranko Folktale. A Trilingual Reader, 2008. (10,000 copies distributed)
  • Conference paper presentation: July 28, 2008. “Traditionally oral communities adopt schools to prepare their children for adult participation: Oral and print cultures in complementarity, disparity and conflict,” paper presented at Fourth Annual Conference for Studies in Language and Literacy Teaching, Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Goderich Campus, Sierra Leone.
  • Authored Research presentation: July 29, 2008. “For Effective Literacy Instruction: Adoption of Phonics-Based Instruction. Pilot Study Results,” research findings presented at Fourth Annual Conference for Studies in Language and Literacy Teaching, Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Goderich Campus, Sierra Leone.
  • Research presentation (Buchanan and Vancouver, storytelling for writing): October 13, 2008. Cooperating Teachers‘ Conference. Hope College, Holland, Michigan. “Storytelling a Language Art. Current research and theory strongly emphasize the critical role of oral communication in the development of language arts skills.”
  • Presentation and lecture: October 22, 2008. Christian Educator‘s Association, Conference. South Bend, Ill. Storytelling, vitality in language arts.
  • A storytelling performance and lecture: Friday, October 4. Ball Literacy Foundation, Chicago.  “Storytelling for literacy development.”
  • Performance (storytelling) and lecture: March 12, 2009. BJ Haan Conference. Dordt College, Pella, Iowa. “An evening of storytelling with a bit of punch. The oldest of the teaching and learning tools given from heart to memory, nourishes our communities, deeper learning and imaginative capacity.”
  • Presentation and lectures: Friday, March 13, 2009. BJ Haan Conference, Dordt College, a. Session I. “Imaginating into Storyworlds.” Story language for the sake of delight. Storytelling for enriched teaching of reading and writing, b. Session II. “Stories: Balancing work and play.” The role of stories in the classrooms is threatened by press for reading skills and threaten abilities to read stories. Holding on to stories for balanced teaching of reading in school.
  • Peer Reviewed project, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA): “Facilitate literacy professional‘s establishment of an Association of Language Teaching Professionals of Sierra Leone.” Sept. –December 2008. Intern: Caleb DenOuden. $12,000
  • July 2008 Kuyers‘ Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning. $17,152,97. Fourth Annual Conference for Studies in Language and Literacy Teaching – Sierra Leone. “Conflict or Complementarity: Traditionally oral modes of education and educational institutions guided by print culture.” Goderich Campus, Freetown.
  • Faculty Research Grant: 2011 ($3,492) Education, Tertiary Teachers, Research and Curriculum Development for More Effective School Teachers in Primary Classrooms. This grant allows Kuyvenhoven to host a conference for The Association of Language and Literacy Educators–Sierra Leone on the teaching of reading in Sierra Leone.