Section (H1 Bold) - Title (H1)

Do not delete the anchor tag called "#content." The "Skip Navigation" link that is in the header uses the hidden anchor to aid users with disabilities to skip repetitive links and jump straight to your content.

Use Subheadings (Heading 3)

The section/page title should have a "Paragraph Format" of "Heading 1". For subheadings throughout the page, use other paragraph formats such as "Heading 3" or "Heading 4".

ROWS may be added or deleted.

The page's width can be increased or decreased using "Increase Column Span" and "Decease Column Span". Do NOT add or delete COLUMNS.

Checklist for new Ed. web pages:

  1. Page Title should reflect the location of the page within the site structure, for example:
    the home page (index.htm) is titled "Education Department"
    the Programs page (programs/programs.htm) is titled " Education Department - Programs"
    a new page under the Programs category should be titled "Education Department - Programs - Xxxxxxxx"
  2. The Page Heading should be the last portion of the above title:
    for the Programs page, "Programs"
    for the new page under Programs, "Xxxxxxx"
  3. Make sure the sidebar on the left is the correct one for the category you are working in. If needed, use the Assets=>Library tab to insert the appropriate libarry item. This ensures easy navigation within a section.
  4. To add new links to the left-hand sidebar, you may edit the appropriate Library item directly (look in the "Library" folder for the right file).
  5. NOTE: Due to changes in the new template, you will not be able to see the header or footer until you have saved your file on the W: drive and run the Web Update Button.
  6. Technical guidelines:
    Max page width: 620 pixels
    Max body/content width: 486 pixels (please resize your pictures accordingly)
    Use included Styles to edit text. Do not create new styles, as this clutters up the code.
    Please include Alt tags for any images within the body, as a gesture of hospitality toward disabled persons.
  7. If you need help, contact or visit the Digital Studio ( in HL 121.