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Faculty: Kurt Schaefer

Links to Publications


"Monte Carlo Appraisals of Gravity Model Specifications" (with Michael A. Anderson and Michael J. Ferrantino), Global Economy Journal: 8:1, 2008, Article 2. Available at:

 “Benchmarking Scholarship in Economics,” Faith and Economics, 47/48, 2006, 87-95.

“Contract Theory, Distributive Justice, and the Hebrew Sabbatical,” Faith and Economics, 45, 2005, 1-19.

“Reverse Regression and Orthogonal Regression in Employment Discrimination Analysis,” (with Michelle L. Visser) Journal of Forensic Economics, 16:3, 2004, 283-298.

“A.F.D.C. and Births to Unwed Women,” (with Sarah Kampfer and Thomas Vander Veen) Labour Economics, 9 (2002), 801-813.

"An Analytic Model of Emergency Food Provision," Food Policy, 20:4, August 1995, 315-321.

Discussion of Tiemstra, Heyne and Richardson on Christianity and Economics, Association of Christian Economists' Bulletin, Spring 1994.

"Creation, Fall, and What?"  Faculty Dialogue Spring, 1993.  

"A Portfolio Model for Evaluating Risk in Economic Development Projects, with an Application to Agriculture in Niger," Journal of Agricultural Economics (Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.), 43:3, September 1992, 412-423.                             

"The Bible, the State, and the Economy: A Framework for Analysis," with John Mason, Gordon College, Christian Scholars Review XX: 1, 45‑64 (September, 1990).

Commentary on the Oxford Declaration, Association of Christian Economists' Bulletin, Spring 1990.


Books and book chapters:

“American Poverty Policy” in Faithful Imagination in the Academy, Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2008.

"Evangelicals, Welfare Reform, and Care for the Poor," in A Pubic Faith: Evangelicals and Civic Engagement, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2003.

Response to Paul Heyne, "On Making Judgments," in Economics & Religion, Paul Oslington, ed., Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2002

 “The Privatizing of Compassion: A Critical Engagement with Marvin Olasky,” Chapter Five in Christian Responses to Poverty in America : Toward a Just and Caring Society, ed. David P. Gushee, Grand Rapids : Baker Books, 1999.

The Uses and Misuses of Data and Models: The Mathematization of the Human Sciences.  With W. James Bradley.  Thousand Oaks , CA : Sage Publications, 1998.

Calvin Lectures: “Social Policy after Modernism”

            Chapter One

            Chapter Two

            Chapter Three



            Chapter One

            Chapter Two A

            Chapter Two B

            Chapter Three

Chapter Four

            Chapter Five

            Chapter Six

            Chapter Seven


Lectures and other presentations:

Ash Wednesday Chapel, March 2011

Prayer for Parents’ Chapel, August 2006

Reformation Day chapel service, 2005

Lecture: “What does it mean to be Reformed?” October 2004

“Limits to Measurement,” ASSA Conference presentation, January 2004

The Franz Lecture, Gordon College: “Charitable Choice and the Faith-Based Initiative.” Spring 2003.

 “The Loss of Happiness in Market Democracies” reviewed in Faith and Economics, 41, Spring 2003, 27-29.

"Why Most Teaching Evaluations Do Not Evaluate Teaching”


Work in progress:

“Spatial Price Dispersion.”

“Measuring Structural Neighborhood Effects.”

“Adolescent Alcohol Use, Peer and Neighborhood Effects, and Unobserved Factors.”


Other links:

Wordle of Schaefer’s teaching evaluations

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