Welcome to How To Lie with Statistics: Calvin College Edition!

In an effort to become consumer savvy, Dr. Haney's Math 143 class has put together a 'how-to' guide for consumers.

We look at questions like "What should a savvy consummer look for? "How can statistics lie to us?"

Browse through these pages to find answers to these questions and more!!!

This wiki will contain "chapters" that include summaries and examples that encompass the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Enjoy browsing! Take a peek at Chapter 1: Our Treacherous Tendency.

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Chapter One: Our Treacherous Tendency

Chapter Two: Deceptively Mean

Chapter Three: The Little Figures That Are Not There

Chapter Four: Much Ado about Practically Nothing

Chapter Five: Increasing the "wow factor"

Chapter Six: Pretty Pictures

Chapter Seven: The Semiattached Figure

Chapter Eight: Correlation Confusion


created by: Math 143-G


Here is an example write-up from Dr. Haney.

We need to discuss aspects of this wiki in class.