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Get Involved: Current Volunteer Opportunities

Here's an opportunity to get involved at the preserve and learn more by collecting and processing native plant seeds with us. Learn how to identify plant species by seeds, various techniques for collecting seeds in the field, and ways to process the seeds in preparation for storing them for the winter. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors, learn more about native plants and meet like-minded friends!

Seeds will be used to grow plants for our annual Native Plant Sale and restoration projects.

When:     October 25 - November 15, on Wednesdays at 1-4 pm
Where:    Bunker Interpretive Center
Leaders: Jeanette Henderson (Program Manager) & Luke Steiner (Stewardship Intern)

Dress for the weather and working both inside and outside; during inclement weather we will process seed in the lab.

Can't make it to these volunteer activities? Consider other ways in which you can get involved at the Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve.