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Ron van der Spoel, a pastor and educator in the Protestant Church of the Netherlands, was a guest at Calvin Seminary during Spring 2006. While there he wrote a weekly log for the Dutch daily, Nederlands Dagblad. His eight column series offers a look at life in America--particularly in West Michigan--from the perspective of a Dutchman. You can read the columns in the Calvin College dossier on the newspaper's website. English versions of the columns are available there too; they were translated by Prof. Herman De Vries of Calvin College.

Dutch Organizations

Dutch International Society - This site posts its printed magazine and back issues online along with periodic listings of events in West Michigan and other areas.

Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies - Newsletters from the Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies

The Netherland-American Foundation -The Netherland-American Foundation seeks to, in their own words "further strengthen the bonds between our two countries through exchange in the arts, sciences, education, business and public affairs."

The Holland Ring - Lots of general information on the Netherlands,offers a listing of regional Dutch-American societies.

American Association for Netherlandic Studies - AANS is an interdisciplinary organization that promotes the study of the language, literature and culture of the Dutch-speaking world in the United States.

General Information

The official site of the Dutch Royal House allows for visitors to view a photo gallery of the family, learn about the House of Orange's history, and understand royalty's role in the democratic country. English Dutch

Categorized government websites and links to provincial government websites. They also offer an explanation on how Holland's government operates.

Variety of links to government-related information. One handy listing gives links to the country's policitcal parties.

The official site of Dutch Parliament's Senate offers an explanation of what it does in English. All other information, from daily schedules to listings of committee members and press releases, is in Dutch.

The Dutch Parliament's House of Representatives offers basic information about its role in government at the English site. In addition to the basics, the Dutch site lets users listen to live debate, view monthly schedules and browse through a special display on the parliamentary year and its history.

Culture and Language

This unique site was created by a journalist looking to help his American girlfriend learn more about Dutch language and culture. Regular lessons also include podcast.

The website Learn Dutch Online uses virtual flashcards to teach languages.


  • The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions offers a list of the well known museums (Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Mauritshuis) in Holland along with descriptions and links to their individual Web sites.
  • Anne Frank Museum: The Amsterdam home where the young writer penned her diary
  • Rijksmuseum: Home to a magnificent collection of Golden Age paintings
  • Van Gogh Museum: An impressive collection of Vincent Van Gogh's work and that of his contemporaries
  • Mauritshuis: Houses the Vermeer's famous 'Girl with a Pearl Earring.'
  • Museum server lists Dutch museums by province, type, etc. and gives links to each web page.


Wikipedia provides a concise summary of Holland's film making history and several external links to film databases andfunding organizations.


Merriam-Webster displays cities, waterways and national parks. Other information related to the country can be found in a sidebar to the map.

A shaded relief map of the country with major roads, expressways, railways and provincial capitals marked

Google offers maps, a satellite image and a hydrid of the two. Zoom in on a village or city and find streets and landmarks. Zoom out and admire the precise, green fields that encompass them.

Noteworthy Articles about The Netherlands