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The Netherlands

Dutch resource library

The library supports the study of Dutch language, literature, and culture through acquisitions across disciplinary lines. This includes Dutch linguistics and literature; the history of Dutch-speaking peoples; and Dutch contributions to political life, philosophy, art, theology, and other cultural achievements. The collection has over 300 Dutch-language periodicals, including a variety of currently published scholarly journals and magazines. Take a minute and browse the guides.

The library’s Rare Book Room has approximately 1500 imprints from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. This rare book collection is especially strong in the area of Dutch Reformed theology, but also contains early atlases, political pamphlets, emblem books, travel books, and scientific works. The library also has the microfilm Knuttel Dutch Pamphlet Collection of nearly 6,000 pamphlets printed in the Netherlands between 1486 and 1648.

The collection of Frisian language and literature numbers is strong, with over 2000 titles. This includes Frisian poetry, religious and devotional works, and works on Frisian philology, history and culture.


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Vrouw Holle

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