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Jubilee Fellows: Student Stories

Reflections on Jubilee Fellows and vocation

For over 10 years, the Jubilee Fellows program has been working with students to help them explore their calls to vocational ministry. During our 10th year, this online News and Stories article interviewed students and program leadership to highlight the unique framework that makes up the year-long Jubilee Fellows experience.

In 2012, several students and mentoring pastors were highlighted in another online New and Stories piece talking specifically about the Jubilee Fellows' summer internships.

We also caught up with a number of former Jubilee Fellows to talk about how their experience in the program helped them discern their calling.

Living the Question
Dean Kladder '04

The word vocation gets thrown around a lot at Calvin College. Dean Kladder remembers former Chaplain Dale Cooper unpacking that phrase one day.

The Fear Factor
Anna Hunsberger Bogertman '04

Anna Hunsberger Bogertman did not anticipate becoming a pastor when she transferred to Calvin College at the start of her third year. Coming to Calvin from James Madison University, she anticipated digging into her major as a social worker from a Christian perspective.

Unexpected Christian Passions
Deborah Lemmen '07

Expectations abound as students begin their first year of college. Students anticipate making new friends, learning new subjects, and perhaps even deciding a major course of study.

Obedience in the Moment
Matt Ackerman '05

“You’re going to be a minister someday.” 2005 Calvin College alum Matt Ackerman heard this comment numerous times as an adolescent, and even more as he prepared to leave his hometown of Kennewick, Washington for Calvin College in 2001.

Living Outside the Box
Nathan Brink '05

Each student comes to Calvin College with a unique story shaped by a particular context. Growing up in Los Angeles as a child of a Christian Reformed pastor, Nathan Brink was shaped by a multi-cultural school life and predominantly European-American church life.

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