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Jubilee Fellows: Past Jubilee Fellows

Meet the 2013 Jubilee Fellows

Twelve Calvin juniors were selected to participate in the 2013 Jubilee Fellows Program.

2013 Jubilee Fellows group picture

Jeff Brown

Major: Sociology, Minors: Religion, Congregational & Ministry Studies, Urban Studies
Internship: Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jeff Brown

Kellan Day

Major: Religion, Minors: Gender Studies, Studio Art
Internship: Salem Lutheran Church in Spokane, WA.

Kellan DayKellan is from Wayland, MI. She greatly enjoys reading good literature, climbing rocks, discussing theology, lattes, traveling, and being outdoors. She is also interested in the new monasticism movement and intentional community as way of living out Christian fellowship. She is passionate about gender issues, art and their intersection with the church. Kellan is discerning a call to serve in ministry and higher education, and she plans to attend seminary for theological studies or her Masters of Divinity after college. Kellan lived in a Project Neighborhood house last year and traveled abroad to Budapest, Hungary this past fall. She is thrilled to be a Jubilee Fellow, and is looking forward to the many opportunities that she will have to explore ministry and to seek the call of God.

Josiah Gorter

Majors: Philosophy and Psychology
Internship: Granite Springs in Lincoln, CA and Bridge of Life in Sacramento, CA.

Josiah GorterJosiah was born and raised in Grand Rapids MI, and thinks it is the greatest place on earth. He loves the people, the culture, and the opportunities. At Calvin, Josiah is a double major in Philosophy and Psychology. He enjoys studying people and relationships, as well as the deep questions in life. Studying the two of these subjects side by side, lets him explore questions he has about himself, others, and God. Relationships are his passion, and for this reason he wanted to be a part of the Jubilee Fellows. It will give him a chance to examine the church's role in creating a community of healthy, God honoring, relationships among all people.  He can't wait to experience the life of a church first hand, and help bring healing to broken communities. Josiah is eager to study the inner workings of the church, and to learn from the influential leaders of the past in the spring course.  He is also looking forward to applying this knowledge to the fall ministry project back at Calvin. He is excited to see how God will be using him over the course of this year.

Nathan Groenwold

Major: English Writing, Minor: Music in Worship
Internship: Grace North Atlanta in Atlanta, GA.
Nathan GroenewoldNathan spent his elementary school years in northwest Iowa, but later moved with his family to eastern Washington State. He is a Pre-seminary English Writing major, Music in Worship minor, who loves any outdoor activity, as well as writing, and learning drums and guitar. He spent his first two years at Calvin sorting through many career options beside ministry, but through his Barnabas and Resident Assistant positions has grown to feel a strong calling toward pastoral ministry. He is excited to serve as a Jubilee Fellow, focusing specifically on the growing diversity of worship: its theology, application, and its spirit-filled potential to unite an expansive.

Libby Huizenga

Major: Psychology, Minors: Philosophy and Writing
Internship: Harbor Church in Seattle, WA.

Libby Huizenga Libby was born in Jacksonville, FL, the daughter of church planters. Her family later moved to Rockford, MI where she stayed until college. After exploring ministry through opportunities like the Calvin Barnabas program and A Christian Ministry in the National Parks, Libby decided to attend seminary after her time at Calvin. She intends to use her experience with the Jubilee Fellows program to explore how her passions for topics like mental health, intentional living, and intellectual exploration can intertwine in preaching and counseling ministries. She intends to use this program to discern, define, and possibly expand her calling to ministry.

Linnea McLaughlin

Major: Latin, Minors: Linguistics and Greek
Internship: The River Christian Reformed Church in Redlands, CA.

Linnea MclaughlinLinnea is from Los Angeles, CA, and is pursuing a Latin major with minors in linguistics and Greek. She has been actively involved in the church for as long as she can remember and has been exposed to a variety of denominations. Growing up she was involved in leading music, planning worship, mentoring, and organizing small groups and Bible studies. Last year she was a Barnabas and this past summer she served as a middle school youth leader; and she found all these opportunities to be life-giving. Such leadership experiences, combined with both deep joys and deep hurts regarding the church, evoked in her a sincere compassion for the church and God’s people, and especially for those who feel distant or marginalized from it. This year, Linnea is living one of Calvin’s intentional community houses through Project Neighborhood, and she teaches elementary Latin at a local school. She feels God’s call to ministry on her life, and while she is not sure what that will look like in the future, she trusts where God is leading and is excited to explore it through Jubilee Fellows this year.

Tyler Robbert

Major: Religion, Minor: Youth Ministry
Internship: The River Christian Reformed Church in Redlands, CA.

Tyler RobbertTyler is from Kalamazoo, MI and has been an active participant in the Christian Reformed Church from an early age. Growing up in such a setting influenced him to become interested in a variety of ministry opportunities. It was in the Church that Tyler discovered and cultivated his love for music and worship. Since the days of singing in his home church’s children’s Christmas programs, Tyler has participated in praise and worship teams, served as a summer worship director, and has had the opportunity to be a Worship Apprentice at Calvin. In addition to music, Tyler has developed a passion for ministering to youth of all ages. He thrives on developing deep relationships with people and building genuine community. As a Jubilee Fellow, he hopes to find a way to combine these two major callings in his life. Tyler studies Religion and Youth Ministry and plans to eventually attend seminary.

Nicole Schmitt

Major: Religion
Internship: Awake Church in Seattle, WA.

Nicole SchmittNicole calls Colorado home, having lived in the suburbs of Denver since she was two. Most Colorado stereotypes apply to her: she loves doing almost anything outside, especially camping and hiking. She came to Calvin as an Engineering major, so things like Calculus are actually extremely enjoyable for her. She plays the guitar and loves to use that in worship settings. She also loves theology and has a huge love for ministry, which is why she is majoring in Religion. She has spent her summers in college working as a camp counselor and a chaplain's assistant. She was a Barnabas last year in the dorms and this year is an RA on Second Rooks. She hopes that God will work through her Jubilee Fellows experience to clarify an avenue of ministry to pursue and teach her more about what her role could be in the church.

Tyler Slamkowski

Majors: International Development and Music
Internship: Manito Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA.

Tyler SlamkowskiTyler is from Muskegon, MI and is majoring in International Development Studies and Music. He began seriously considering ministry when serving as a counselor at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp and as a Barnabas during his sophomore year. Through these experiences, Tyler has developed a love of community ministry in a variety of contexts and for all age-groups. Ministry has been on the back of his mind, but Jubilee is his first big step toward full-time ministry. Tyler is currently serving as the RA for 3rd Schultze, and he hopes to continue to develop his leadership and sense of call through the Jubilee Fellows Program and relationships with his fellow participants.

Josh Song

Majors: Interdisciplinary major in History, Psychology, and Sociology
Internship: Dwell Church in New York City

Josh SongJosh is from Toronto, ON and is an Interdisciplinary major in History, Psychology, and Sociology.  He is passionate about the sincere, real-life application of prayer and worship as vehicles for cultivating our relationship with God. God calls us to know Him and to make Him known throughout the nations and Josh believes that we accomplish this by engaging in active and intentional modes of communication with Him. Josh is convinced that ministries which emphasize intercessory prayer, worship, and the active role of the Holy Spirit are a fundamental aspect of the proliferation of the Kingdom of God. Through the Jubilee Fellows program, Josh hopes to explore ministries with these emphases and grow in his understanding and role as an agent of the Kingdom of God.

Sarah Stripp

Major: English Literature
Internship: Spencer Perkins Center in Jackson, MS.

Sarah StrippSarah is from Richland, MI and is majoring in English Literature. She has been feeling a call towards ministry for quite a while, but that idea was definitely amplified during her sophomore year when she was the Barnabas on her floor. After a lot of prayer and thought, she switched her major from English Education to English Literature with the hopes of attending seminary after college and going into some form of full-time ministry. She is still in the early stages of discerning what this will exactly look like, but she is very interested in areas of pastoral care and mentorship, worship, and community involvement and outreach. She hopes that the Jubilee Fellows program will give her insight into where her gifts are and what area of ministry she really feels led toward.

William Thatcher

Major: Information Systems
Internship: North Avenue Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA.

William ThatcherWilliam is from Saline, MI. He is taking courses for an Information Systems major to act as a tent-making profession during seminary, and as a trade that he can bless people with in the future. He has been on several mission trips where the main focus has been on the importance of community. These trips, among other experiences in his youth group and communities around Calvin, have developed a passion for building God-centered communities. He looks forward to being equipped with greater understanding and skills to grow these communities in the body of Christ. He is also passionate about the inner workings of the church and looks forward to the hands-on experience during the summer internship.