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Jubilee Fellows: Past Jubilee Fellows

Meet the 2012 Jubilee Fellows

Thirteen Calvin juniors were selected to participate in the 2012 Jubilee Fellows Program.

Daniel Camacho

Major: Philosophy with a Church, Society, & Ministry minor
Internship: Open Door Fellowship in East Harlem, NY and New Song Community Church in Harlem, NY

Daniel CamachoDaniel is from Uniondale, NY.  He likes monasticism and underground hip-hop. He is passionate about the church and discovering the ways in which it is called to be a counter-cultural community in a world filled with violence and consumption. He is currently the Resident Assistant for the Grassroots living-learning community, which addresses issues related to racism and racial/ethnic identity. Daniel is discerning a call to serve in ministry and higher education, and he plans to attend seminary after college.  He is excited to be a Jubilee Fellow, and he is looking forward to the opportunities that he will have to explore ministry.

Eunsub Cho

Major: Secondary Education in Integrated Science Studies
Internship: Covenant Christian Reformed Church in Cutlerville, MI

Eunsub Cho Eunsub is originally from Korea. When he was seven, he moved to Albania along with his parents who were committed to plant churches in the Muslim country. During his eleven years there, Eunsub actively served his parents’ churches in the areas of youth and worship. Along the way, he encountered Jesus personally and found that there is no greater joy than participating in God’s work through the church. Eunsub wants to follow his parents’ footsteps to serve in the mission field; and in high school he developed an interest in becoming a teacher. So he plans to combine the two and become a missionary teacher.  The Jubilee Fellows program is a way for him to explore how God might work all this out.

Amy Hinkle

Major: Strategic Communications with a Gender Studies minor
Internship: North Avenue Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA

Amy Hinkle Amy is from Kalamazoo, Michigan and is new to the world of church ministry. She hopes to blend her two areas of study to learn how to effectively communicate to and empower women. Amy loves to engage with people through meaningful conversations and experiences. This year she serves as a Resident Assistant, which is helping to develop her skills in interpersonal communication and leadership. Through the Jubilee Fellows program, she is excited to explore, serve and gain experience in the areas of women’s ministry and music.

Grant Hofman

Major: Secondary Education in English with a minor in Church, Society, & Ministry
Internship: North Avenue Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA

Grant HofmanGrant is from Grand Rapids, MI. As he has worked to discern God’s vocational call upon his life, the Spirit has laid strongly upon his heart the areas of education and ecclesiology. He loves to see God work in and through the church body, as it pursues its mission of realizing the flourishing relationships of God’s Kingdom intentions. He loves it so much, in fact, that it is precisely this mission that he hopes to share through his pursuits in education. He hopes to foster the resources of growing young adults. He desires help them discern how and where they might best apply their gifts to participate in the redeeming work set out for them by Christ. The Jubilee Fellows program has given him a unique opportunity to begin to practically

Nathan Korstanje

Major: Philosophy
Internship: Manito Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA

Nathan Korstanje Nathan is from Thunder Bay, Ontario, where his father has worked as a pastor for over 20 years. He is inspired by the life and work of Jean Vanier, whose example has given him an interest in learning how best to include the developmentally disabled in worship and welcome them into the life of the church. He is also interested in youth and campus ministry, and would like to explore different avenues for ministering to young people who have been formed in strongly evangelical contexts. At Calvin, he has lived in the van Reken honors community and has studied abroad for a semester in Grenoble, France.  In the future, he plans to continue his studies in graduate school or seminary. He is excited to be part of the Jubilee Fellows program, and hopes that this on-the-ground experience will enable him to grow in humility and discernment as he prepares and plans for the future.

Annamarie Koster

Majors: Religion and Literature
Internship: Granite Springs Church in Lincoln, CA

Annamarie Koster Annamarie is from Grand Rapids, MI, and has been involved with the church throughout her life.  The summer between high school and college, she participated in Facing Your Future, a Calvin Seminary program.  During this program, she realized God was drawing her to some form of ministry.  Annamarie is a member of the Festival of Faith and Writing Student Committee, is a religion tutor, and works for Safe Haven Ministries.  Annamarie is excited to explore what type of ministry God is calling her to. 

Karlie Krieger

Major: Psychology with a Church, Society, & Ministry minor
Internship: Wellington Presbyterian Church in Wellington, FL  

Karlie Krieger Karlie was born in Pinang, Malaysia, where her parents were missionaries. She grew up in West Palm Beach, FL, where she actively served her church. Karlie is the second-oldest of six children, and is well acquainted with a crowded and bustling atmosphere. Volunteering for her youth group in high school has helped Karlie to discern that she wants to use her life to help others. She hopes to figure out how her various interests and gifts (including music, art, and teaching/mentoring) can be united in order to further people’s physical and spiritual well-being. She does not know exactly what God has in store for her, but is hopeful and expectant that the Jubilee Fellows Program will help her discern how she can best serve the Lord.

Jessica Lamer

Major: Pre-Seminary/Spanish with a Church, Society, & Ministry minor
Internship: La Casa De Mi Padre in Holland, MI

Jessica Lamer Jessica grew up in Wyoming, MI, but loves to travel. In fact, in her three years at Calvin, she toured China with the Calvin Orchestra, studied Spanish for a semester in Honduras, and visited Nicaragua and Guatemala. Jessica enjoys good conversations, working for justice and peace, making art, and being around kids. God has been making a call to ministry clearer in Jessica's life over the past few years. She is excited to see how God will further reveal his call on her life through the Jubilee Fellows program.

Matthew Mulder

Major: Psychology with a Business minor
Internship: First Reformed Church in Oak Harbor, WA

Matthew Mulder Matt is from Holland, MI, and although he had considered a career in clinical psychology, he is no longer able to overlook his growing interest in ministry. Through the Jubilee Fellows program, Matt hopes to explore what pastoral care and counseling looks like in a church setting. The importance of psychological health and counseled guidance is important, and he would like to see how this takes form within ministry. Matt would also like to explore teaching scripture. He is grateful for this opportunity to further discern God’s call on his life.

Joella Ranaivoson

Majors: International Relations and Writing
Internship: Dwell Church in Manhattan, NY

Joella Ranaivoson Joella was born in Madagascar, and raised in Papua New Guinea, the US, and Kenya. Growing up with her missionary family, she counts her life of knowing different cultures, peoples, and lands to be God’s blessing.  She believes God is calling her back overseas, and she is waiting patiently and listening attentively for His direction.  International missions is in her bones, words and music capture her, and the desire to see systems and patterns changed compels her. Joella joined the Jubilee Fellows program to see how God could use her in missions, music, and youth and women’s ministries...or something else all together. She is eager to listen and learn and do.

Joel Sytsma

Major: Psychology with a Religion minor
Internship: Oasis Community Church in Moreno Valley, CA

Joel Sytsma Joel is from Elmhurst, IL, and he grew up as an active member of his Christian school and church. Joel’s involvement helped him realize his passion for leading worship and being a part of a Christ-centered team. After high school Joel felt called to travel abroad, while maintaining and working on his relationship with our Lord.  Joel joined the organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and traveled around New Zealand and Southeast Asia for seven months. During this time he learned the breadth of the God we serve and met many interesting people who affirmed that lesson. Upon returning, he came to Calvin where he continued to learn from his professors and peers. He is now looking forward to the Jubilee Fellows program and exploring ministry. Joel is drawn to the ministry position of Military Chaplain and is hoping to better explore that calling by looking at ministry as a whole.

Robert Van Zanen

Major: Secondary Education in Social Studies and History
Internship: Christ United Methodist Church in Venice, FL

Robert Van ZanenRobert grew up the son of a pastor and missionary in Eastern Europe. After high school, Robert took hold of his faith and became active in the faith community at his church and at Calvin. He is interested in working in youth and pastoral ministry. The desire to tell others about the gospel though a leadership role was greatly influenced by the time he has spent with his parents, other missionaries, and strong Christian friends at Calvin. He hopes to discern God's call on his vocation and grow stronger in his faith as he seeks to live more faithfully as a servant in all areas of life.

Daniel Weeden

Major: Psychology with a Religion minor
Internship: Good Works, Inc. in Athens, OH

Daniel Weeden Dan is from Rochester, NY.  Dan has a deep interest in Christian thought and loves to read Christian literature of all sorts. This interest has given him a passion for discussing his faith, and he is looking forward to sharing the Gospel with people of different walks of life. Dan's experience in psychology has helped his ability to empathize with others' perspectives, and he hopes to be able to strengthen the hope and faith of those he comes in contact with over the summer. Dan is involved in the Jubilee Fellows program in order to discern whether God is calling him to full time involvement in ministry.



Past Jubilee Fellows