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Jubilee Fellows: Past Jubilee Fellows

Meet the 2011 Jubilee Fellows

Twelve Calvin juniors were selected to participate in the 2011 Jubilee Fellows Program.

Sarah Chung

Sarah ChungSarah, who grew up in the Philippines as a missionary kid, is studying Psychology & Religion at Calvin.  As she entered high school, she met Jesus personally and committed herself to serving God. Since then, she wanted to become a missionary as her parents prayerfully named her SunKyo, which means mission in Korean.  Through her parents' ministry, she was able to experience the joy of serving, learning, and sharing.  She loves working with children & teenagers and hopes to become a missionary counselor for those who need their stories to be heard. She is eager to be a part of Jubilee Fellows and have the opportunity to explore more about her calling and to be shaped as a better servant for His kingdom.

Summer internship placement: Sarah spent her summer at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount, CA. Working mainly in the area of children's ministry, Sarah helped to coordinate the church's Vacation Bible School and summer day camps. She also served with the care ministry team and participated in a few Bible studies. Along with other church interns, Sarah took a preaching class and developed some skills in researching and writing a sermon. The highlight of her summer, though, was working with the children's ministry, and she realizes that she doesn't even mind working in the church office in order to make those programs happen!

Vince Cutrona

Vince CutronaVince is a History and Greek double major from Granger, IN.  He is a bookworm, but will happily put down his book for a good conversation.  He has been actively involved in the Church since the high school.  The summer before coming to Calvin he felt God calling him to ministry, and has gradually been learning what it means to commit himself to that calling.  He has plans to attend seminary and is thankful for the opportunity to begin applying himself more actively in ministry.

Summer internship placement: At Hope International Church, Vince worked closely with the long-time pastor on everything from teaching and evangelism to construction projects and Vacation Bible School. The church embraces its diverse community, and Vince spent some of his time teaching ESL classes to a small group of immigrants. He learned that a life in ministry entails serving in a wide variety of ways, all of which contribute to the church's work in the world.

Kadilyn Knief

Kadilyn KniefKadilyn is an International Development Studies major with a Health Education minor and half of her heart in the Philosophy/Religion Department. She was born on a farm in small town Kansas, grew up in California, and graduated from high school in Bangkok, Thailand. Her heart beats first for her Heavenly Father and secondly for justice and hope, especially in conflict zones. She's passionate about community and eliminating the segregation between rich and poor in communities in the United States (something she believes the Church is called to be a living example of). Kadilyn had come to be a Jubilee Fellow hoping to be part of a church community breaking down economic, class, and race barriers by living and loving together.

Summer internship placement: At Grace CRC in Grand Rapids, MI, Kadilyn spent a good deal of time getting to know the community. She spent time working alongside long-time volunteers in the church's food pantry, met residents living in the neighborhood surrounding the church, and had many meaningful conversations with the pastors and leaders regarding the church's role in racial and economic reconciliation. She developed an appreciation for the daily investment of time and energy that the church can give to its neighbors.

Sam McConnell

Sam McConnellSam is a religion major from Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s specifically interested in Old Testament theology, and spends much of his spare time wresting with prophetic literature. He’s involved in Calvin theater, and actively participates in the intellectual opportunities provided at Calvin. He plans on using a ministry background along with further education to serve both the church and the academy, and appreciates the pastoral guidance provided by his religion professors over the years.

Jacob Parks

Jacob ParksJake is from the small town of Carlisle, Ohio.  He is a civil engineering major, yet he questions whether or not his life’s calling is to do engineering work.  Jake has a passion and a desire to study and teach God’s Word that cannot be satisfied through technical studies.  Because of this, Jake is seriously considering attending seminary after graduating from Calvin and he hopes that the Jubilee Fellows program will help him to discern that call.  Jake’s main interest is teaching ministry, however, he understands that the role of a pastor is much broader than just teaching.  This summer he hopes to experience a variety of ministries including evangelism and outreach, counseling, and pastoral care.

Summer internship placement: Jake spent his summer serving a small church plant congregation, Grace North Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. Learning how to organize youth and evangelism events, preparing for theological discussions with peers, setting up the worship space each week, and participating in weekly worship services were just a few of the things that Jake did. Along with that, he learned what a community of grace looks like, and was reminded of the freedom that comes from experiencing God's grace.

Natasha Vedder

Natasha VedderNatasha, from Ottawa, Ontario, is a Religion major with a minor in both Youth Ministry and Music in Worship. She is currently a Worship Apprentice and loves the opportunity to lead God's people in worship. She also looks forward to serving God in working with the youth of the church, which is what she hopes to do after graduation. She is excited about the opportunity to explore worship and youth ministry through the Jubilee Fellows program, but also all the other aspects of church life and ministry.

Summer internship placement: At Kelowna CRC in British Columbia, Natasha used her gifts and experience in leading worship to participate in and help plan the weekly worship services. She also poured into the youth of the church, planning events and developing relationships with several young women. From game night with a young adults group to art projects for the sanctuary, Natasha participated fully in this small but vibrant congregation and loved it completely.

Nicole Veenkamp

Nicole VeenkampNicole spent the first twelve years of her life in the Ivory Coast, where her parents served as missionaries. She now calls Sarnia, Ontario home and is studying Music in Worship and Computer Science at Calvin College. She feels called to use music and technology to serve the church. This year she has been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a Worship Apprentice, working as part of a team that helps plan and lead chapel and LOFT services at Calvin College. Nicole is looking forward to continuing to gain experience in ministry through the Jubilee Fellows program.

Summer internship placement: During her time at Granite Springs Church, Nicole was able to dive in and experience a lot of different ministries. She was entrusted with leadership roles in various projects which stretched her and helped her to learn about ministry as well as discover her strengths and weaknesses. From being the Worship Director of their Music & Drama camp to representing the church in the community (in farmer's markets and parade floats, for instance), from serving dinner to the homeless to working with junior high kids, Nicole saw how ministry happens far beyond Sunday morning worship services.

Aunalisa Walker

Aunalisa WalkerAuna is a sociology major with youth ministries and gender studies minors. She is from Calumet City, Illinois and has been involved in leading worship at her church since high school. She wants to strengthen her leadership skills in the areas of worship leading as well as in youth ministry. So far in her college career, Auna has been involved in campus ministries as a Worship Apprentice and in dorm leadership as a Resident Assistant. She is greatly looking forward to exploring ministry through the Jubilee Fellows program this year and believes that this upcoming year will be a great year of growth and discovering more of what God has in store for her.

Summer internship placement: At Emmanuel Reformed Church, Auna worked closely with one of the church's outreach initiatives, the Compton Initiative. She learned the history of the city of Compton, and why the church is devoted to restoring it. Auna met home owners hoping to have their houses painted or properties cleaned up, and recruited volunteers (over 1500!) to help on the next quarterly work day. In addition to this immense outreach opportunity, Auna also participated in a preaching class and book study for interns, and helped with several youth events for junior high and high school students.

Kendra Wassink

Kendra WassinkKendra is a Canadian from London, Ontario. She is majoring in Theatre and minoring in Religion and Sociology. While she loves exploring the opportunities in theatre, she also loves to invest her time in other areas of the Calvin community. She was a Resident Assistant last year and is currently studying in Budapest with 17 other Calvin students. For Kendra, ministry is one of many options that she feels God may call her to pursue after graduation; and she is very excited to explore this field further through the Jubilee Fellows Program.

Summer internship placement: Kendra served Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, British Columbia. She participated in weekly worship services, and helped to develop their intergenerational services for the month of July. Kendra participated in a variety of ministries, like working at the weekly food bank and making pastoral care visits; and she developed an appreciation for the breadth of opportunities to serve within the church.

Lauren Wiersma

Lauren WiersmaLauren Wiersma is a psychology major and a writing minor from Denver, Colorado. She delights in talking to people and sharing laughter and smiles. She loves working with children, and is so excited to have the opportunity to serve children and their families through the Jubilee Fellows program. After college, Lauren hopes to attend graduate school in psychology or seminary. She can't wait to see what the Lord will teach her through the Jubilee Fellows program.

Summer internship placement: At Wellshire Presbyterian, Lauren worked alongside the church educator to help plan and implement two weeks of Vacation Bible School programming. She loved the energy that comes from working with young children, and it confirmed her desire to pursue this vocationally. In addition to VBS, Lauren also led on a high school service trip, participated in worship services, and got a glimpse of what it takes to run a larger congregation.

Jasmine Wilson

Jasmine WilsonJasmine is from Portland, Oregon. She is an Interdisciplinary Major (English, Philosophy, and Sociology) and a Greek minor and a Church Society and Ministry minor. She enjoys reading, both fiction and nonfiction. She is interested in serving the contemporary church through philosophical work and literature, focusing on themes such as community, hospitality, and diversity. After college she would be comfortable working administratively in a church or parachurch ministry, or go to grad school to go into teaching. Jasmine hopes the Jubilee Fellows program will allow her to witness first hand a church full of broken people trying to be faithful to the call of Jesus on their lives.

Summer internship placement: Working at Reba Place Church and Fellowship allowed Jasmine to explore her interest in intentional living communities, while partnering with the community's congregation. Jasmine worked in the church administratively, organizing Bible studies and participating in the worship services. She also participated in the lives of those in the Fellowship's intentional living communities. She observed and experienced the joys and struggles of living in close community, and was both encouraged and challenged by what she saw. These experiences will help her discern her callings to ministry and intentional community for the future.

Thad Winkle

Thad WinkleThad, from Grand Rapids, MI, is majoring in Psychology and is on a Pre-Seminary route. He has many interests across a very diverse spectrum, which makes choosing just one to pursue very difficult. Vocations in ministry can utilize many different strengths and interests, and Thad is thrilled at this opportunity to explore areas of ministry to which God might be calling him. One area of particular interest to him is urban ministry. Christians’ periodic service through activities like church mission trips certainly contribute to the redemption of God’s world, but Thad is particularly interested in how the Church should address the same problems that people struggle with locally, year-round.

Summer internship placement: Working at the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development in Jackson, MS. helped Thad to appreciate the role of the church in community development. Working alongside the staff at the JMPF and the Spencer Perkins Foundation, Thad developed relationships with those in the surrounding community and helped in the planning process of a future church plant in Jackson by John P. Perkins. His experiences have affirmed Thad's call to ministry, and he's hoping to return to Jackson after graduating from Calvin.