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Jubilee Fellows: Past Fellows

Meet the 2008 Jubilee Fellows

Twelve Calvin juniors were selected to participate in the 2008 Jubilee Fellows program.

Ross Acheson

Ross AchesonRoss hails from Ann Arbor, MI, and is an International Development Studies major, with minors in Religion and Greek.  He has long had a desire to live his life in direct service to Christ's kingdom, and sees Jubilee Fellows as a way of further exploring what sort of ministry he might be called to. He is excited for how God will both use him and challenge him. He hopes to eventually work in some fashion alongside the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Africa.

Summer internship placement: Through YouthWorks-Detroit, Ross participated in the Detroit Summer Outreach Program and worked at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit.

Andy Allen

Andy AllenFor the past year and a half, vocational ministry has become a reality in Andy's life.  Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, this CAS Rhetoric major was wary of the idea of a life devoted to ministry, having observed his father pastor his home church for more than 20 years.  However, God's calling has been pivotal for Andy and has made it clear that the ministry is where his next step in life should be.  He is excited about Jubilee Fellows and hopes that it will help guide him to where God is leading him next.

Summer internship placement: Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL.

Michael Bailey

Michael BaileyMichael has felt the call to ministry, and is excited to go out and preach the gospel. After graduating Calvin with a Religion degree, he plans to attend seminary to refine the gifts that God has given him. Through Jubilee Fellows, he hopes to gain experience in pastoral ministry and helping those that need comfort and support.  He has worked in a rural church in his hometown of Gaston, Indiana, and has volunteered in an urban church here in Grand Rapids.  He’s ready to experience the new adventures that God has in store for him.

Summer internship placement: Grace Community Church in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Matthew Burns

Matthew BurnsMatthew is originally from Annapolis, Maryland.  He is currently in his third year at Calvin, having transferred here after one year at a community college.  After graduating with a Communications degree, Matt hopes to attend seminary and study to become a pastor, although he is unsure what type of pastoral role God is preparing him for.  He looks forward to learning about Church service through Jubilee Fellows and discovering greater clarity regarding his own call to ministry.  Matthew is grateful to the Calvin community for this opportunity to be mentored and to serve.

Summer internship placement: Centrepointe Community Christian Reformed Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Jessica Driesenga

Jessica DriesengaJessica is a Religion (and possibly Biology) major from Kalamazoo, MI.  In the past two years at Calvin, she has felt God's intense call to a life of ministry.  She is excited to really delve into ministry with Jubilee Fellows.  She hopes to continue to gain clarity as to how to combine her passion for biology and environmental sustainability with her call to ministry.

Summer internship placement: Geneva Campus Church in Madison, WI.

Anna Hillaker

Anna HillakerAnna is a Religion major at Calvin and is excited about exploring ministry through the Jubilee Fellows program. She has loved her experiences in ministry thus far, including her role as a member of Calvin’s Barnabas team and as an intern at her home church for several summers. Anna has felt called into a life of ministry for some time now and is eager to see what an active life of ministry looks like. She has a passion for people and for God’s word and is looking forward to applying these things to ministry within the context of a church.

Summer internship placement: Centrepointe Community Christian Reformed Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Michael Holwerda

Michael HolwerdaMichael is a Grand Rapids, MI native who is majoring in Psychology.  Through the Jubilee Fellows Program, he hopes to continue to discern his call into ministry as a pastor.  He is interested in developing relationships within the Jubilee Fellows group, with his mentor, and the church family in which he will serve, in order to gain a better awareness of the gifts God has given him.  He also hopes to gain a more thorough understanding of how and where to use his gifts in God's kingdom and in the Church through vocational ministry.

Summer internship placement: Bellevue Christian Reformed Church in Bellevue, WA.

Andrew Morton

Andrew MortonA History and Spanish double major from Auburn, Indiana, Andrew believes that God is directing him toward a future in ministry. He has a passion for the Church and treasures the opportunity he has as a member of Calvin’s Barnabas team to invest in building Christ-centered community.  Andrew will carry this enthusiasm with him as a Jubilee Fellow and hopes to discover more fully what it means to live a life dedicated to ministry and to the flourishing of the Body of Christ.

Summer internship placement: Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Sun Valley, CA.

Jessica Roodvoets

Jessica RoodvoetsA Grand Rapids, MI native, Jessica is a recent transfer student from Grand Valley State University.  Her experience as a leader in University Christian Outreach at GVSU helped her to acknowledge God’s call into ministry, and she is now majoring in Religion. Jessica recently gave her life to Christ and, as a result of her experience as a non-Christian, she is especially passionate about evangelism and outreach to unbelievers.  She enjoys dedicating her time to programs that create community among Christians. She hopes to explore pastoral leadership, congregational care, and counseling ministries, and believes that this program will provide the right environment and resources for her to further discern a call into ministry.

Summer internship placement: Sanctuary, a Christian Reformed Church plant in Seattle, WA.

Bennett Samuel

Bennett SamuelBennett is a Nursing major from Dehradun, India.  He is dedicated to healing people, both physically and spiritually. At Calvin, he has enjoyed several opportunities to explore ministry, serving on the Orientation staff, and the Thursday Chapel and LOFT teams.  Through Jubilee Fellows, he hopes to continue to discern his gifts and calling to mission work.  He’d also like to further explore worship and preaching, in order to see how God can use them in my future life of ministry.

Summer internship placement: - New Life Community Church in Artesia, CA.

Betsy Vandenberg

Betsy VandenbergBetsy has a passion for service and is excited to see God leading her towards formal ministry. Her home is in nearby Holland, MI, but she loves traveling.  She spent a summer with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) and a semester abroad in Scotland. Now, as a member of Calvin’s Barnabas team, she is traveling vicariously through the stories of other students!  Through all of these experiences, she has seen how a bit of God's heart is in everyone she meets. Betsy is majoring in English and aspires to teach in diverse communities. Through the Jubilee Fellows internship, she hopes that she will learn how to better support and minister to those diverse communities.

Summer internship placement: Rosewood Christian Reformed Church in Bellflower, CA.

Ashley Wybenga

Ashley WybengaAshley is a psychology major with a social work minor, and is from Grand Haven, MI. Through the program, she is looking forward to discerning God’s leading for her future vocation.  She is interested in working with kids and families, and hopes to discover more about the roles that the Church plays in diverse communities.  By being a Jubilee Fellow she would like to learn how to live out ministry in her daily life.

Summer internship placement: - New Life Community Church in Artesia, CA.