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Jubilee Fellows: Past Fellows

Meet the 2007 Jubilee Fellows

Twelve Calvin juniors were selected to participate in the 2007 Jubilee Fellows program.

Kristen Buurma

Kristen BuurmaKristen has become interested in women in ministry through her experience with ACMNP (A Christian Ministry in the National Parks) and as a Barnabas team member. As an elementary education major, she became a part of Jubilee Fellows program in the hopes that it will help her to see whether God is calling her to teach missionary kids or, perhaps, teach in a more formal adult-focused ministry. She looks forward to learning about different types of ministry and how God can use her in them.

Kristi will be doing her summer internship at New Life Community Church in Artesia, California.

Brenda Katerberg

Brenda KaterbergBrenda has been looking forward to being a Jubilee Fellow since her first year at Calvin. She has always felt God calling her into some form of ministry, but is hoping that through this experience she will have a clearer sense of direction regarding the type of ministry God wants her to be in. She hopes to be stretched out of her comfort zone in reaching out to others and learning to depend on God in all things.

Brenda's internship is with All Nations CRC in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jana Kelder

Jana KelderAfter being a Worship Apprentice at Calvin, Jana is looking forward to putting her worship experience to use in a church setting. She feels a strong sense of God's calling to serve Him and His people, but is hoping to learn more about what this calling means and what it should look like. Through the Jubilee Fellows program, she would like to grow in her own faith and learn to integrate ministry and God's amazing power into her daily life.

Jana is heading to Sanctuary CRC in Seattle, Washington for her internship.

Jackie Klamer

Jackie KlamerAfter spending the spring semester of 2006 in Honduras and witnessing the work of Christian churches there, Jackie feels led to seek after the Shalom promised by Christ. Through Jubilee Fellows, Jackie would like to explore a church whose priority is to reach out to the world to bring about justice, peace, unity, and be a compassionate community of equality.

She'll do this in her internship at Sanctuary CRC in Seattle, Washington this summer.

Katie Klok

Katie KlokKatie is strongly considering ministry as a vocation and plans to attend seminary after completing her undergraduate degree at Calvin. She's looking forward to an internship that will allow her to experience working with and relating to people and that will help her to understand what goes into leading a church and teaching God's word. She's looking forward to the community she'll have with the other Jubilee Fellows and the chance they will have to exchange their stories about God.

Katie's internship is with Granite Springs CRC in Lincoln, California.

Alex Kontras

Alex KontrasThrough Jubilee Fellows, Alex is hoping to grow in his passion for urban ministry and to begin gaining experience that will shape his future decisions. He's excited about learning what ministry looks like in an urban setting and the role of the church in its surrounding neighborhoods. He feels led to go into ministry and thinks Jubilee Fellows is the perfect thing to help him discern his calling.

He'll be spending his summer internship at Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans, LA.

Matt Landheer

Matt LandheerMatt is interested in pastoral care and wants to explore this area of ministry that helps and comforts people through life's challenges and their faith walks. He is hoping to polish and refine the gifts that God has given him so that he can use them to accomplish more through his faith and service. He's also looking forward to meeting new people, going new places, and experiencing new things.

Matt will be interning at New Life Community Church in Artesia, California.

Scott Page

Scott PageLiving in a Project Neighborhood house this year is giving Scott experience in community life. Through Jubilee Fellows he is eager to learn about and experience the life of a pastor. Developing a relationship with a pastoral mentor will help him answer many of his questions about that vocation and he hopes it will give him a stronger sense of vocation toward a specific type of ministry.

Scott will be doing his internship at Granite Springs CRC in Lincoln, California.

Kyle Sandison

Kyle SandisonKyle has enjoyed his glimpses of ministry at Calvin through experiences as a Worship Apprentice, Orientation Leader, and Prelude Assistant. He wants to continue to discern what his gifts are and how he can develop them to further God's kingdom. He's excited to grow and be challenged, develop new relationships, and learn more about future vocational possibilities in ministry.

Kyle's summer internship is with LaSalle Street Church in Chicago, Illinois.

Laura Sizemore

Laura SizemoreAs an Elementary Education major, Laura wants to learn where this calling will lead and how it can be used in ministry, especially mission work. She's excited about studying theology during the spring semester course and wants to learn how different churches function and evangelize.

Laura will be spending her summer internship at Rosewood Church in Bellflower, California.

David Song

David SongDavid plans to follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps into full-time ministry. He is excited to find God's specific calling for him and sees Jubilee Fellows as a great stepping stone in discovering God's plan. It will allow him to experience God in a powerful way that fulfills the purpose of Calvin College in preparing him for seminary and vocation. He's looking forward to the journey of servitude with other Jubilee Fellows and growth in his own faith and trust in God.

David will intern at Sa-Rang Community Church in Anaheim, California.

Julie Wolfe

Julie WolfeJulie wants to explore a life of service in the church in order to learn about creating community within the church and to grown in awareness of the different opinions, perspectives and lifestyles in the world around us. She is a secondary education major and knows that God can use her interest in adolescents and teenagers in a variety of ways within the church. She's also looking forward to the class discussions among the Jubilee Fellows and gaining perspectives on church that are different from what she grew up with.

Julie will spend her summer interning at New City Kids Church in Jersey City, New Jersey.