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Jubilee Fellows: Past Fellows

Meet the 2006 Jubilee Fellows

Twelve Calvin juniors were selected to participate in the 2006 Jubilee Fellows program.

Braden Britton

Braden BrittonBraden joins the Jubilee Program after learning about it through friends who participated in years past. He has had an inclination toward ministry for some time, and he was seeking an opportunity to hone his ministry skills within the Calvin community when he was given the chance to participate in the Jubilee Fellows program. Braden looks forward to walking alongside other students who are asking similar questions about ministry, and he hopes to grow spiritually through class discussions and fellowship. One of Braden's passions is being attentive to where and how the Holy Spirit is moving to bring new life and direction to churches. He hopes to learn more about how he can participate in this work, bringing together a broad academic and experiential background in service to the Body of Christ.

This summer, Braden will have an internship at Mosaic, a community of faith in the Los Angeles area.

Matthew Cosnek

Matthew CosnekMatt's participation in the Jubilee Fellows program marks the beginning of a journey for him. As an engineering major, Matt came to Jubilee Fellows seeking an opportunity to engage in a program that would give him experience in ministry, wondering whether God might have plans for his life in this area. Matt is looking forward to learning much from his instructors and classmates, and he's eagerly anticipating how he can serve and what he will learn through his church internship. Matt is hoping to answer questions about the particular gifts God has given him for ministry, as well as to understand more about the challenges that a life of ministry presents. He looks forward to seeing what doors God will open and close as he continues to walk in the ways God directs.

Matt will be exploring ministry this summer through two-week rotations in different ministry areas at Eastern Hills Community Church just outside Denver, CO.

Allison Graff

Allison GraffAn English major with a gift for writing, Allison interviewed several former Jubilee Fellows for a Chimes article in the fall of 2005. After hearing about their experiences, she knew she would regret letting the opportunity to participate pass her by. She is looking forward to further discovery about "where my place is serving in God's kingdom on earth." Allison anticipates enrolling in seminary after she graduates from Calvin, and through participation in the Jubilee Fellows program she hopes to learn more about how and for what purposes God has uniquely gifted her. Allison views the program as a chance to test her calling: "The Jubilee Fellows program is giving me an opportunity to find out whether my sense of calling to ministry is merely a directionless passion easily deflated by the mundane aspects of working in a church, or a yet unformed passion that will grow into lifelong service."

Allison heads to Ontario this summer to work with the congregation at Grace CRC of Scarborough, ON.

Jordan Horras

Jordan HorrasJordan has always been an active participant in the life of his church, but during the summer of 2005 he began to discern a more particular invitation to explore the intersection of his gifts in media and his heart for serving God. Jordan sensed that God was asking him "to work for Him." This prompting led him to apply for the Jubilee Fellows program and consider church ministry as an arena for service, exploring team leadership aspects of media production and the ways in which visual arts can be implemented in leading congregations into worship. Jordan sees the Jubilee Fellows program as a step toward understanding where God is calling him and how to do His work better. Through his Jubilee experience, Jordan hopes to grow in his relationship with the Lord and to understand more clearly where and in what capacity God is leading him to serve.

This summer Jordan anticipates using his gifts and skills in media production at Ridge Point Community Church in Holland, MI.

Kwang Ji

Kwang JiKwang became interested in the Jubilee Fellows program through a promotional mailing that came to his apartment. He believes God brought the opportunity to his attention for a reason, and he looks forward to growing through conversations and study in preparation for his summer internship. Kwang's background as the son of Korean missionaries to Portugal shapes his sense of call: he is fluent in Korean and hopes to serve in a church with a Korean-American population. Kwang is eager to grow up into maturity in Christ, expecting both challenge and joy along the way. He hopes that the Jubilee Fellows program will help him grow in understanding the power and love of God, and the vision God has for his life and service.

Kwang will serve this summer at Sarang Community Church in Anaheim, CA, a ministry to Koreans and Korean-Americans.

Melody Joachim

Melody JoachimMelody's interest in the Jubilee Fellows program was piqued when she wrote a newspaper article about the Fellows' experiences in 2004. Through her experience in the program, she hopes to begin discerning whether God is calling her into ministry-whether in a church or in a parachurch ministry. Melody says that God is already teaching her trust through participation in the program, as she doesn't yet know what she'll be doing or where she'll be serving in the summer. She says that " there's some thrill to knowing God has plans for me that he hasn't revealed yet, so I pray that this summer I learn to trust God more fully and be satisfied with not knowing all the answers...I can also see Jubilee Fellows serving as a testimony of God's faithfulness in my life, because wherever I end up this summer, he's coming too."

This summer Melody will be serving and learning from students in urban New Jersey at New City Kids Church.

Ryan Kruis

Ryan KruisThroughout his life, those around him have encouraged Ryan to think about how his gifts and passions might fit into church ministry. Ryan took these observations seriously but questioned whether he could lead others into a faith he claimed as his own but still wrestled to understand. Recently, though, he's come to a new conclusion: "I've realized," Ryan says, "that it's not about having it together, but about being faithful." Ryan comes to the Jubilee Fellows program under the recommendation of friends who participated, and he is looking forward to gaining a deeper and broader understanding of himself and others through the Jubilee Fellows course. He eagerly anticipates the chance to learn about being a pastor firsthand and discover in what kind of ministry setting and emphasis he might be most effective.

Among other responsibilities this summer, Ryan will be doing interactive, "coffee shop" research for a church plant in Seattle, WA, called Sanctuary.

Deborah Lemmen

Deborah LemmenDeborah applied for the Jubilee Fellows program at the encouragement of a mentor. She is looking forward to the opportunity to grow through relationships with other Jubilee Fellows and an internship in a new place. Deborah hopes to discover more about how to prepare herself for ministry during her college years, and she is looking to learn more about what it means to be female and called to some form of church ministry. She hopes that interactions with other Jubilee Fellows and the program mentors, as well as a practical ministry experience, will help her grow in these areas as she walks with God now and into the life he has for her.

This summer Deborah will be working primarily in the areas of youth ministry and worship at Sanctuary CRC in Seattle, WA.

Julie Richards

Julie RichardsJulie's inclinations toward ministry have been shaped by circumstances throughout her life, as she has often found herself in roles of caregiving and leadership. Julie has sought and has been given opportunities during her college years to practice and hone the ministry gifts she's been given. Through the Jubilee Fellows experience, Julie hopes to learn more about the general sense of direction God has given to her, directing her heart, soul, mind, and strength toward His plans for the world. She is particularly interested in church missions and has a heart for working in a multicultural setting.

Julie will be serving at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, NJ, where she will work in the areas of children's ministry and missions.

Emily Rose

Emily RoseEmily has a passion to serve God by caring for his people, particularly through gifts of encouragement and empathy. Past ministry opportunities at her home church and at another university led to her interest in participating in the Jubilee Fellows program at Calvin. Emily has a deep desire to learn all she can about people and God, nurturing relationships with both. She is interested in considering what kinds of leadership roles are needed within a church, and how she can best use her gifts to serve the church. In the remainder of her time in college, Emily hopes that she will be able to share with others what she learns through the Jubilee Fellows experience, seeing herself not as a consumer of knowledge but as a conduit through whom any gifts of knowledge and experience are shared with others.

This summer Emily will intern at Midland Reformed Church, where she will have opportunity to interact with a variety of ministries, including pastoral care, youth ministry, and missions.

Julie Saksa

Julie SaksaThrough short-term missions opportunities in her high school youth group, Julie discovered a passion to serve and encourage others. Before she embarked on the college journey, Julie she knew God was calling her to serve in the church. She first heard about the Jubilee Fellows as a first-year student from a professor who encouraged her to consider applying, and she's looking forward to exploring her calling in a supportive setting that helps her to discern where God is leading after graduation. Julie has a passion to see how the Body of Christ is functioning in various ways in various places and to join in! She is particularly interested in exploring youth ministry, women's ministry, and pastoral ministry, and she hopes that her Jubilee Fellows experience will help as she discerns whether her next steps involve seminary education in pursuit of ordination in the PC-USA.

Julie plans to serve this summer at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, NJ, where she will work in children's ministry and missions.

Rachel Schipull

Rachel SchipullRachel Schipull learned about the Jubilee Fellows program from a mentor who referred her to the program. The thought of participating intrigued her, so she investigated the possibility and sought the wisdom of friends and mentors. "I have always felt," Rachel says, "and more strongly the older I've grown, that I would be wasting my life if I weren't doing something to further the kingdom. So, I saw Jubilee fellows as a way of perhaps discovering what I might be called to do." Rachel learns much through the stories of others, and she hopes to find out more about God and herself through the lives of other Fellows and her church community this summer. Through the program, Rachel hopes to grow in her knowledge and practice of spiritual disciplines, and in her understanding of the work God is calling her to do.

Rachel anticipates a summer internship in a variety of ministry areas at Eastern Hills Community Church just outside of Denver, CO.