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Jessica Driesenga leading worship at a church in Wisconsin


Ministry Internships

We offer for-credit and non-credit ministry internships for those who want to explore church ministry.

For-credit internships

For-credit internships are described more fully under the course listing for CMS 381 (see sidebar at right). See Professor Todd Cioffi for more about internship placements in this course.

Non-credit internships

For non-credit internships, the relationship between student and church will be similar to that between a hospital intern and a teaching hospital. It will be an onsite experience with close supervision.

To learn more about non-credit internships, make an appointment with Todd Cioffi or visit the career development office.

Internship course

CMS 381 is an course in which you will complete 10 hours of work on-site each week, record your insights in reflection papers and journals, and attend a weekly seminar.