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Faculty: Vocation Stories

Faculty vocation stories

Todd Cioffi on Congregational & Ministry Studies

When I came to Calvin to interview for this new department, I fell in love with the college. I have a Ph. D in theology, and I’m also ordained in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). I’ve been straddling the line between doing ministry and thinking about ministry.

Vice and Vocation
Rebecca De Young, philosophy

Picture a late night with a residence hall basement full of students, all gathered to hear a presentation on the seven deadly sins. One table is full of cream pies, ready for a stereotypically gluttonous pie-eating contest. All of a sudden the student presenter slides across the table, covering himself with pie, amid the gasps and laughter of the audience. What does a pie eating contest in the basement of a residence hall have to do with philosophy and vocation? That’s the question senior philosophy students wrestled with in their Aquinas seminar in the fall of 2002. How could they bring the philosophical wisdom of the past to life for the peers, and use the seven deadly sins to help them think about their vocation as disciples of Christ?

A Vision for Shalom
Jeff Bouman

The word activism may conjure up images of rallies, sit-ins, and protests of a by-gone era. However, for Dr. Jeff Bouman, activism is more than an event; activism is any action that speaks into injustice. Ultimately it is the work of the Church when done well and faithfully, and is a way of life.