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Faculty & Staff

Congregational and ministry studies
faculty and staff

Kary BosmaKary Bosma
Program Coordinator Jubilee Fellows

Todd CioffiTodd Cioffi
Assistant Professor
Director Jubilee Fellows

Dale CooperDale Cooper
Chaplain emeritus
Jubilee Fellows Mentor
Adjunct Faculty

Cindy De BoerCindy De Boer
Administrative Assistant

Lynn Barger ElliottLynn Barger Elliott
Adjunct Professor



Mary HulstMary Hulst
College Chaplain
Adjunct Professor

Matt LundbergMatt Lundberg
Assistant Professor, Religion
Pre-ministry Advisor

Adjunct Professor

Mark MulderMark Mulder
Associate Professor, Sociology
Adjunct Professor

Shirley RoelsShirley Roels

James K.A. SmithJames K.A. Smith
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Adjunct Professor

Kristen VerhulstKristen Verhulst
Assistant to chair

John WitvlietJohn Witvliet
Department chair

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