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Reference Links: Handbooks and Histories of Greek and Latin Literature

The following list demonstrates the utility and good sense of learning both German and French if you intend to do serious research on the ancient world. If you are English-bound, there are still some good handbooks available, notably those by Lesky (translated from the original German) and Rose (an original English-language product); many a classicist also has a warm spot in his heart for Duff. However, the nature of handbooks is that scholars love to read 'em and disagree with 'em. So you should use them with caution. That said, here's the list:

Bardon, H. La littZrature latine inconnue. Paris, 1952. PA6005 B37 v. 1 2.

Bernhardy, G. Grundriss der rsmischen Litteratur. Braunschweig, 1872. PA6007 B5 1872.

Beye, Charles R. Ancient Greek Literature and Society. Second edition. Ithaca (NY), 1987. PA3052 .B4 1987.

Buechner, K. Roemische Literaturgeschichte; ihre Gruendzuge in interpretiernder Darstellung. Stuttgart, 1957. PA6007 B8.

Christ, W. von. Geschichte der griechischen Litteratur bis auf die Zeit Justinians. Third edition. Munich, 1898. (= MYllers Handbuch, vol. 7). PA3057 C45.

Courcelle, Pierre. Late Latin Writers and their Greek Sources. Cambridge (MA), 1969. Translation by H. Wedeck. PA3081 C75. Nota bene: use this version rather than the older French original (D5 B4 fasc. 159), which is based on an earlier French edition.

Duff, J. A Literary History of Rome from the Origins to the Close of the Golden Age. London, 1953 (second edition). PA6003 D8 1953. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

A Literary History of Rome in the Silver Age, from Tiberius to Hadrian. London, 1960. PA6042 H3. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

Frank, T. Life and Literature in the Roman Republic. Berkeley, 1930. PA6011 F7.

Glover, T. R. Life and Letters in the Fourth Century. Cambridge, 1901. DG312 G5

Hadas, Moses. A History of Greek Literature. New York, 1950. PA3052 H3 1950.

A History of Latin Literature. New York, 1952. PA6004 H3.

Jaeger, Werner. Paideia. The Ideals of Greek Culture. Trans. G. Highet. New York, 1943-5. DF77 J274 v. 1-3.

Kenney, E. J. (ed.). Cambridge History of Classical Literature. New York, 1982. PA6003 L3 v. 1-2.

Krumbacher, K. Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur. New York, no date. (Reprint of Munich, 1897 edition [= MYllers Handbuch, vol. 9]). PA5110 K7 v. 1-2.

Labriolle, Pierre de. Histoire de la littZrature latin chrZtienne. Third edition. Paris, 1947. BR67 L2 v. 1-2.

Lesky, A. History of Greek Literature. London, 1966. PA3057 L4. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)

Norden, E. Die roemische Literatur. Leipzig, 1954. PA6007 N6.

Rose, H. J. A Handbook of Greek Literature. New York, 1934. PA3052 R6.

A Handbook of Latin Literature. London, 1936. PA6003 R6.

Sandys, J. A Companion to Latin Studies. Third edition. Cambridge, 1921. DG77 S3 1921.

Schmid, W. and O. Staehlin. Geschichte der griechischen literatur. Munich, 1929. (= Muellers Handbuch, vol. 7; replaces Christ). PA3057 S3 v. 1-5.

Teuffel, W. and C. Schwabe. Teuffel's History of Roman Literature. Trans. G. Warr. London, 1900. PA6007 T55 1900 v. 1-2.

Whibley, L., ed. A Companion to Greek Studies. Cambridge, 1916. DF77 W5 1916; also in Ref. DF77 W5 1931.

Wright, F. A History of Later Greek Literature from the Death of Alexander in 323 B.C. to the Death of Justinian in 565 A.D. London, 1932. PA3054 W7. (Also in the Classics Reading Room.)