South of the church (past some ruins which may be the House of the Phaidryntai), is the Leonidaion, the hostel of the sanctuary, built in 350 BC and named after the man who dedicated it. The two story house, complete with Ionic colonnades and later a Roman garden, was used to house important guests to the Olympic games.

Further to the east is the Bouleuterion, the place where the Olympic Senate met and official documents were stored. The southern side of the building dates to the 6th century BC, the north to the 5th century BC. Ionic columns were added to the eastern side later, between the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. In between these two sections is an open space in which the altar of Zeus Horkeios stood. At this altar, competitors, along with their families and trainers, swore that they would abide by the regulations of the games and not cheat.

The Leonidaion The Bouleuterion The Bouleuterion