This site presents virtual walking tours of five important places in ancient Greece. These sites were important for their historical, religious, artistic, and mythological shaping of the ancient world. The tours need not be taken in any particular order.

Each of the virtual tours begins with a map of the site on which you may click if you already have an interest in a particular building or location. A side menu on the left will allow you to jump back and forth between the main areas of the tour.

At the top right of each site's homepage is the "Tour Guide." Simply click on "Begin" to walk through the tour. Each tour starts with historical and mythological information before taking you step by step through the ancient ruins. The "Tour Guide" will appear in the top right and at the bottom of every page. Simply click "Next" or "Previous" to move through the tour. As you progress, you can always use the side menu to skip elsewhere. Each tour ends with a "museum" of various antiquities found at the site or that are relevant to its study. Finally, you will be returned to the starting page of your virtual tour.

Along the tour, you will be presented with small "preview" graphics relevant to what you will be reading. Simply click on them to view an enlarged version of them and then use the "back" button on your browser to return to the tour. We suggest, for optimum viewing, that you set your screen resolution to 800 x 600 and use Netscape as your browser.

To begin a tour, click here and then select one of the five locations.