On the seventh day, those who wished to be initiated one step higher took part in the Epopteia. This highest step was reserved for initiates who returned one year later from the Greater Mysteries. This step was not considered necessary to appreciate the full meaning of the Mysteries, though more sacred objects were shown at this highest level.

On the eighth day, the initiates mainly spent their time giving libations and conducting rites for the dead. In one rite, the initiates filled two special vessels with liquid and faced them opposite (east/west) and then poured their contents into the earth. The rite to the earth was known as the Plemochoai. Also, the initiates may have dedicated their clothing (bought new for the rites) to the goddess at this time.

On the ninth day, the initiates returned home. Some left directly from Eleusis to their homelands, while others traveled first back to Athens. With this last journey, the rites and mysteries of Eleusis were brought to a close for the year.